Monday, March 14, 2011

Written In The Dead Of Night

Written In The Dead Of Night

Just when I thought you
impossible, you changed me
and I saw the light.

So I say in my
own Puckish way, arrival
is a dialogue,
cross of numbers and changes,
and I confuse my
true solitude with
lost empty separation.

Yes? I ask, and Yes!
you answer in time,
yes in rhythm, and in rhyme.

November 4, 2009 2:58 AM

Oh my, I wonder, perhaps an acid flashback? I admit I can still exactly remember the taste of burning cigarette tobacco and paper when I am high on LSD. (I quit smoking in 1981 and used my last LSD in 1970.) There are other things too that I remember. The key pieces, though, I cannot exactly remember. They do not fit in my ordinary mind. I remember that I had the experiences. I remember some of the stories but not even all of them. However, I am not the only guy who can have deja vu all over again, stark raving sober. I know I am not the only guy. Back in the day, I aimed for that. I aimed to replace my ordinary mind with a fey mind, a mind with the energy of LSD running through it, with all the wild phenomena that can and does happen to some of us. They happened to me. I very much wanted to keep all that close. I was deeply disappointed when LSD turned on me and I tried to turn it back for a while before deciding I could not use it again.

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  1. Beautiful songs. I have never heard of that artist. Looks like someone in New York is listening too.


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