Friday, March 25, 2011



I lie silently
breathing so quietly I
lie still after you
have loved me like that,
like the sun rises, or moon
waxes, or birds call
after their nesting
served its purpose here today,
now a plenitude.
I lie very still
hoping you will not leave me
to fend for myself.

November 17, 2009 8:27 PM


  1. simple words with an essense, quite deep. love it :)

  2. it is quite a mechanism within us, this longing to not be alone, whether by lover, by friend or by god. we are a negation of sorts. i just now sit and think about this. i imagine myself alone. i think, ah, no lover. ok, i steel myself and am glorious alone. but i'm still not alone. i've my children. i think of them growing and i turn to those who make me here, you, a few others. but there is no guarantee that those who make me here will be here in ten years or interested in the likes of me. and then i imagine an ashen bin beneath me in which i believe in nothing beyond. truly alone. and then i feel it, christopher, i feel what i have felt at times before in my life, that absolute aloneness, and life has so very little meaning like this. and so this mechanism has me reaching out, bearing witness and asking for witness. alone is one thing, but to be truly alone inside and out is a terrible thing. i swear, i'll not abide it.

    last night i sent over some fresh from the oven apple square to my neighbour. she returned the plate. i touched her back. it was a short exchange. i am most comfortable here, in short exchanges, but i touched her back, she smiled at me. i am not alone:) and neither are you, of course. i touch your back as well.

    much love

  3. hi Christhopher and Erin :)
    yes this feeling you talk about, i know it very well, and sometimes i let my self lay still, like now, with open eyes listening to the birds (you two:) What i wonder is; this coming and going of loved ones, this loving and then somehow it slips away. For me i feel i want to hang on..... but somehow i drift away to other shores.
    Yet! Christopher even when in different places i will always love you, and know you love me!

  4. She sure says a lot with her facial expressions and her eyes, doesn't she.

  5. lines and shades, thanks for visiting.

    alone need not be lonely but yes there is in faith the continued presence of others.

    I accept your touch, only wish that we were closer by sometimes.

    Indeed, I do love you still.

    Ghost, I miss you. Thank you for your alien girl.

    who, this is not the Hallelujah of Cohen himself (there seem to be several of him up on YouTube) and Tim Buckley sang the definitive cover. But yes, I looked at several versions including some of Cohen and liked this one best.


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