Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holding You - Reprise

Suzanne is a Leonard Cohen song. I believe I first heard this song while I was overseas in the home some young diplomats who were also Judy Collins fans.

Hmmm, this is what I wrote on 9/3/09... It actually holds true these days too. I have had a harsh disappointment, a rejection by Bank of America that definitely will hurt my pocket book. There are other things. My friends are in trouble, some of them. Ouch.

I had a harsh morning and a relentless afternoon, then I went to a meeting and found out that there were many people struggling harder than I am with these issues of mine. I came home and realized that the next poem simply wasn't one I would post, so I skipped it and came to this one.

Tonight I miss my cat, and with that the tiny little hooks that lead to all the other lost cats, the wife, the mom, the dad, the many friends, all gone now. Thank God I know what to do. I have done it, am doing it. As my friend Vivian says, Relentless Forward Movement. That came from her extreme marathon running husband. He's gone now too, a heart event that occurred at the end of a mountain marathon. He finished, and finished well, but then he died, too far from the medics who could have saved him had they been able to get there. Relentless Forward Movement.

I am in between a rock and a hard place. Nothing new. Same old. Yet this time is new if the stuff in it isn't and I will go on. Of course I will. I am not alone. Nor are you.

Holding You

Spidersilk, silver
and stronger than beautiful
holds you as I spun
for you before this
life in another, knew you
then, knew you would need
it now, my princess.

February 10, 2009 2:48 PM


  1. Thanks Chris. The blog hit the spot, and I liked the poem as well.

    Word verification for the day, mistlyf ;,]

    Sincerly with love,
    He Ment Well

  2. like the poem. simple words can bring so much meaning :)

  3. Relentless Forward Movement.

    sometimes it takes this. i wish there was enough holding that assuaged the pain.


  4. Well, Mr. Well, I post these things hoping that others will understand. I think you do, of course.

    Ms. Shades, thank you for your comment.

    (((Erin))) there is enough holding that I do not shatter. Loving you.

    That you picked up on the RFM...now you are a member of the tribe. Vivian, Scott (who coined the phrase), the anonymous man who commented here, and there are others, all lifetime connected and beyond.

    We shall all take yet another step, live all that is possible to live today. Relentless Forward Movement is how you finish a marathon.

  5. This one is more dreamlike and stream-of-consciousnessy than your usual stuff, I think... just one sentence that winds and twines around. That metaphor of spidersilk going back and forth in time... love it. A fitting memoriam.

  6. christopher - I came here by way of a comment you posted on dale favier's blog. I wish I had some intelligent or even slightly amusing words to share, but given the absence of both, I'll just say a sincere thank you. I really needed to see this and hear this today. So thank you.

    RFM is something I can tie a string around, and carry with me, to pull out of my pocket when nothing else makes sense. Appreciate the gift.

  7. ntexas, welcome to the blog. When you go back this far Blogger automatically forces moderation of comments. Normally you don't go through that when you comment, if you hold close to the current blog.

    I am pleased to pass RFM along. Vivian has it on her license plate. RUN RFM. She runs too. She runs still.

  8. I found you through my friend's site (Nancy at http://nancyfromtexas.wordpress.com/). This particular reading helped me gain some perspective during an episode of "woe is me." I have a wonderful life but tend to dwell on what is not perfect about it and me. I, too, miss my kitty friend (http://eternalpresence.wordpress.com/2010/08/17/the-presence-of-magic/). Now, I am off to Relentless Forward Movement.


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