Monday, March 21, 2011

"Little Tommie Rush from New Hampshire"

Due to overwhelming work both at the salt mine and here in the troll hole, in the aftermath of dragon slaying on the way home, I am unable to put together a full blown post tonight. However here is a little something.

Wiki says:

Tom Rush (born February 8, 1941) is an American folk and blues singer, songwriter and recording artist.

Rush was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His father was a teacher at St. Paul's School, in Concord, New Hampshire. Tom began performing in 1961 while studying at Harvard University after graduating from the Groton School. He majored in English literature. Many of his early recordings are versions of Lowland Scots and Appalachian folk songs. He regularly performed at the Club 47 coffeehouse (now called Club Passim) in Cambridge, the Unicorn in Boston and The Main Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Rush is credited by Rolling Stone magazine with ushering in the era of the singer/songwriter. In addition to performing his own compositions, he covered songs by Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Murray McLauchlan, David Wiffen and William Hawkins, helping them to gain recognition early in their careers.

Bob Dylan is reputed to be the "Roosevelt Gook" credited as playing piano on the 1966 Elektra album Take A Little Walk With Me, though many believe it was Al Kooper under another name to collect a second musician's fee.


1962 – Tom Rush at the Unicorn
1963 – Got a Mind to Ramble
1963 – Blues, Songs & Ballads
1965 – Tom Rush (Elektra)
1966 – Take a Little Walk with Me
1968 – The Circle Game
1970 – Tom Rush (Columbia)
1970 – Wrong End of the Rainbow
1972 – Merrimack County
1974 – Ladies Love Outlaws
1975 – The Best of Tom Rush (Columbia)
1982 – Tom Rush: New Year
1982 – Tom Rush: Late Night Radio
1991 – Blues, Songs and Ballads [Compilation]
1999 – No Regrets: The Very Best Of Tom Rush
1999 – Wrong End of the Rainbow (Import, Original recording remastered)
2001 – Tom Rush/Take a Little Walk With Me (Import, Original recording remastered)
2001 – Live at Symphony Hall, Boston (Live)
2002 – Merrimack County/Ladies Love Outlaws (Import)
2002 – Take a Little Walk with Me
2003 – Trolling for Owls
2009 – What I Know

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