Saturday, March 5, 2011

In The Thrall Of Pain

Thrall: "O.E. thrael "bondman, serf, slave," from O.N. thraell "slave, servant," probably from P.Gmc. *thrakhilaz, lit. "runner," from root *threh- "to run" (cf. O.H.G. dregil "servant," prop. "runner;" O.E. thraegan, Goth. thragjan "to run").
1. a. One, such as a slave or serf, who is held in bondage. b. One who is intellectually or morally enslaved.
2. Servitude; bondage: "a people in thrall to the miracles of commerce" (Lewis H. Lapham).
tr.v. thralled, thrall·ing, thralls Archaic
To enslave.

Note: P.Gmc. means Proto-Germanic, or the root stock from which the Germanic languages branch, close enough to Germanic to no longer be considered Indo-European.

I find the connection to runner fascinating. I take it that "runner" in this context means a messenger sent by a master.

Also one of the rules of linguistics is demonstrated here, how thre* can be in another context dre*. If you wonder how, check the tongue's position in the mouth when pronouncing th* and d*. Though not the same, they are very close. Linguistics asserts that d-words can evolve into th-words and vice versa.

Thus while thrall means in bondage, tied to lord and land, it can also mean one appointed to a journey for the purpose of a message relayed. In other words, a thrall is freed to a purpose, a state otherwise not achieved. That takes a master and a destiny. It also takes a willing submission.

In The Thrall Of Pain

In the heat of it
I sweat and steam, awash with
dark strong firelight
and close knit wicker
walls curving, center the hole
through which smoke escapes
and my soul flies too
away from your fearful demands
that I rise from death.

October 28, 2009 2:54 PM


  1. in the thrall of it
    i am still the queen
    i wove myself into a thight web
    and find there is freedom here
    the message might not reach
    you, me or my destiny
    what looks like running
    makes me fly too


  2. sounds like Troy Kelley Regan quotes

  3. who, I googled "troy kelley reagan" and got nothing. How can this be useful? You have to give more, or less. Quit assuming I can read your mind :D I'm just the guy who lives in Happy Rock.

  4. Jozien, yes, you are queen of my heart. I wish to see you fly far above me.

  5. I wasn't given an extra A to play around and roll with, your spelling yields more results as it's O why, ee why EA-gah.
    Did you notice the difference in order of appearance in these Colorful Sunday Shorts?

    now I know where the term "like a read headed step child of a rethedd" comes from

  6. changing the speling didn't do any batter.

    there are troy kelleys and kelley regans and troy regans but no troy kelley regan.


  7. Good ol' is he as he Hafiz Christopher. Not a day goes by I don't wish there was 58 states, with as many fonts, but only one that they all had in common, with a highway that runs between it. Or regon elagon limlah, as far as the eye can see

  8. Actually, I feel like this right now. Sometimes it seems better to surrender to the flames.

  9. Rachel, I will sit with you back to back so we can face the wolves all around.

  10. who, I hope you can navigate through your stuff better than I can. The clues are too few for me.

  11. "Are you serious Clark?" (from a Christmas Story when Griswald tells his kids that Santa and his reindeer were spotted by U.S. Airforce and Uncle Eddie can't tell if he is serious.

  12. jozien, flying so prettily right now.

    without the linguistics i would almost think that it was a struggle against skin and a final letting go, but only through death. with the lesson, i learn more of freedom.


  13. Yes, Erin, we do love our Mendenhall friend, the Dutch girl, Jozien. She has her own remarkable ways and her own clarity of being. I know you love her as I do.


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