Friday, April 30, 2010


In my life, probably in yours, there are people who depart and return. If these people are truly important, truly special, they often send before them signals to you and me. We know. Often we will not know we know but will instead engage odd behaviors or notice odd things. Later, when that special person departs again, arrives again, that’s when it comes clear what has been going on. My last girlfriend who emigrated to Canada has a house here still. This is the house where we spent nearly five years together. I kept my house and we never officially set up housekeeping but we were partners nonetheless. When she goes, when she comes, looking after her property, my life changes each time. We are friends and spend time together most of these visits she makes. I did not write this poem about her, and as noted this poem was written last year. What is odd however, she came to town today.

This coincidence of poem and arrival, and others like this coincidence are matters of divine anonymity.

I have seen science shows and read science books that declare many flowers are much more colorful and demanding in the ultra-violet range, that this is the range that bees and other pollen spreading insects notice the most.


Sometimes flowers shriek
in white, or red, or yellow
and I've heard colors
beyond violet
especially ecstatic
that we cannot see
but may sense other
ways in heart and soul, like I
sense you coming home.
May 12, 2009 12:09 PM


  1. There is a brilliant choral of
    lilacs haunting my back door with
    their sweet petals and her
    unforgettable scent.

  2. Cynthia, what a lovely name. Welcome and thank you for a prompt like this.

    The Boquet

    If I gathered wisps
    into a ripe spray of scent
    I would fall far short
    of my memory.
    There are many bursts of light
    behind my blind eyes
    as I wait naked,
    haunted sevenfold by pairs
    of floating blossoms.
    This reach of new space
    is an eager dancer's leap
    into the garden.

  3. wow, this is all so beautiful...
    every blog i read tonight, has something very special
    you know, i get a little undone that way.
    maybe that's why we don't see the full spectrum, i would not be able to handle it, float around with my feet of the ground...

  4. Jozien, not to worry. Planet Earth takes care of her own. You will not float away. The bees live with purpose and so do you.

    In any case, I love the scent you leave behind.


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