Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tomorrow’s Scorpio full moon is a particularly strong influence on my life which has pretty much ground to a full stop at the moment. Nothing much is going my way. This also happens to be a Mercury retrograde period. So for me the heart of the matter (since I am Scorpio) is experiencing emotional challenges and even oppositions (Moon) while my communications (Mercury Rx) will not really help in these matters either. There is a further trouble. The tendency to pop off or be aggressive is present too, with Mars in square to the full moon in opposition to the sun and Mercury.

It would be better right now to not take this shit too seriously. :D Otherwise I might just stay in bed tomorrow. Oddly enough, I wrote this poem last year but it is utterly appropriate today.


Like a tree standing
in the volcano’s ashy
path, like being stuck
on the straight iron
tracks, foot caught, staring,
standing upright still,
like being lynched, lynched
in this day and age, this rude
life takes us, takes us.

May 11, 2009 8:34 AM


  1. "this rude life" - that's a phrase that will stick with me today as I go about my Sagittarian day (having no idea what that means) but understanding "rude life."

  2. Like all systems with depth and weight, Astrology invites but would never assert its nature as essential in human affairs.

    Astrology will never stand alone but insists on your participation. If you choose to sit back, demanding of some practitioner the dog and pony show that astrology can be, you will get a tepid result or a short lived splash.

    A really good astrologer will flense you with a perceptive story of your innate character and your passages on the planet or a string of tendencies in the near future but this is of little real value beyond entertainment.

    There is something of value to be found, however.

    Astrology posseses many devoted practitioners and they are happy to share. Thus much is written down, as much as it can be. There are centers of practice. It is possible to enroll in a whole variety of trainings, everything from being self taught as I was too partnering as I also did later in my path. As a practice, astrology has much to offer, a discipline of mind, a way of applying a philosophy and vision. Astrology is transformative in this way. It can offer a career of sorts and certainly changes one's way in the world. After engaging it seriously the chances are strong that your respect for astrology will grow. Whether you stick with it any length of time will be a matter of calling. I was involved in a serious way for eleven years.

    Sagittarians are a sunny bunch and possess a natural tendency to philosophy in its basic sense - a love of wisdom. They do not need to become trained philosophers, however. They are a graceful and warm hearted bunch which forms the backdrop for their delicious tendency towards pratfalls. This is almost never really embarassing, most often is an endearing and comic tendency. There is a love for the physical expression, a natural athleticism that will inform all their ways in all their arenas unless some other inheritance overrides this basic nature in some specific way or place.

    If the Sagittarian is blocked the consequence is a kind of awkward stiffness instead of the loose and easy lope of the relaxed creature.

    I was raised by a Sagittarian step-dad who loved me but had that awkwardness. I too have a Sagittarius rising so my Scorpio is not as dark as it might otherwise be.

  3. Christopher, this poem makes sense to me. I really really like this frigging poem.

    I am a Gemini. Gemini with a fever and a cough. Ha! I am not easy when I am healthy. I am a sapling in the wind - two saplings in the wind! For whatever reason, Gemini makes sense to me.

    Here's to getting unstuck~


  4. Gemini is air, hence you are twin winds among the saplings.

  5. I'm sorry Christopher. Can I bring you a lemonaid? My meyer tree finally bloomed, finally had lemons...seven years without so much as a blossom and now...

    It is with us, the same...stuck at times, feeling barren. And then bloom does come. So may I share some lemonaid, a smile, a bench to perch tired haunches. You have shared yours so many times.

    What was it you said to me..."When the shit flies, open wider." I did.

  6. Lemons are among my favorite things. I like lemon and salt very much, so much that that is my salad dressing, add pepper, no oil.

    Yes indeed. Open wider. Or switch metaphors... Accept the gorilla dancing with you. Follow the steps with as much grace as possible and smile as if it were all your idea. Retrieve dignity at least.

    Because you are not done until the gorilla is done. Fay Wray as Ann Darrow sympathized with Kong long before the end. This is instructive.

  7. do not trust me!
    :) i googled and copied this:
    Some warn "danger, danger" when Leo and Scorpio meet, but there's a simmering fixedness that keeps these steamy signs bonded. Scorpio admires the radiance of Leo, and attracts the lion with their own mysterious magnetism. Leo's warmth melts the initial seriousness of Scorpio, and wins their trust with openness and generosity. Scorpio's deeply anchored and focused persona is a big draw for Leo, sensing someone that will support their own ambitions. They understand the edgy ego defenses of the other, and may even enjoy the tension their strong wills create.

    but of course you know all this

  8. Want some candy, little girl?


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