Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paranoid Lament

Too many comes the meth head.

Paranoid Lament

I struggle with it,
this make believe lack of trust,
this sense that you are
so malevolent.

I feel it creep up my bones
and curdle my guts as if
you really would kill.
If you could, you would kill me
as sure as God would.

Ain't my weird heart sad?

May 1, 2009 11:49 AM


  1. this post sounds like it's mostly opinion based.

    But I do not know the facts so I may very well have to stand corrected

  2. Oh I think you have it right enough. White dope is mostly opinion based, I suppose, the opinions carried in the crystals of this or that. The God of the dope blathers on one way or another and the sad part, how it all turns out my fault in the end for real as I look out on the devastation in my wake. It is not good to live like that.

    I once was capable of telling dope stories all night long and skimming along reality's ground without touchdown once. My jaws would ache with the job of staying aloft on all those words.

  3. It's like you used all my favorite words...paranoid, lament, malevolent, creep, curdle and kill. Ain't my sad heart dark?

  4. I wish I could say I was a quick study. Those words come forth along lines drawn over decades of preparation. Tiresome. It is possible of course to speak in other fashions, to create arrangements of other colors, to cook with a lighter set of spices.

    I know most people are grateful for that.


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