Sunday, April 25, 2010

After I Offered My Life

In AA they ask if I am willing to go to any length. Only then, they say, am I ready to take certain steps. That is the question that arises square in the middle of the spiritual walk. There is a prerequisite, it seems to me. Is the old way of doing things bankrupt? If not, can I offer what remains that is of value? If I hold anything back, this is not going to work. Only this love, she sings, that is all that remains. My principle prayer asks, may I perceive the love I know exists and set aside the rest.

Here is the fire that burns all the dross away. Here is the fire that creates the metallurgy of souls, the tempering and honing of the steel of spirit that shines, that sings, and here is the heat that warms all space and makes of life an eternal and holy work.

I say I am ready. You say the time is not yet.

After I Offered My Life

All is now ready
only the signal not yet,
departure not yet
permitted to me.
I am not given a pass
free or otherwise
and no bribe will work.

So I will sit. I will drink
this tea you offer
as if it's something,
as if a warm cup.

May 11, 2009 7:41 AM


  1. if i am willing to go to any length? and then wait? How long, for what?
    i don't know if i could do that?
    hmmmm, maybe i don't know very well what i want.
    so, the question for me is, am i willing to go to any length to know what i want. Okay than, can i sit beside you and drink this tea with you?

  2. Of course you can, but you must allow me to serve sometimes. :)

  3. Perfect timing for a repost Christopher (Hecate had a link regarding a new vibration/unification)

    Thanks for this post, it has a reaching feel to it.

  4. "If i find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy,
    I can only conclude
    that I was not made for here.

    If the flesh that I fight is at best only light and momentary,
    then of course I'll feel nude when to where I'm destined I'm compared

    I will sigh and with all creation groan as I wait." (C.S. Lewis Song)

    I am ready.

    It was a beautiful poem Christopher. Spoke deeply to me.

    ~ Annie

  5. dusty, I don't know what you meant by repost. Thanks for coming around. Who's Hecate? Are you in contact with the Goddess of the Craft?

  6. Annie, I have always had a passion for C.S.L. Your quote is why. It is hard to keep discipline enough to even get by when the rewards do not satisfy.

    When the promise of a solution approaches in some way, this is like a magnet grabbing my soul. I return to the point of my rebirth, my passage through the one moment that really did satisfy.

    Here is the lodestone of my life, that I have had that moment one time. It seems ever more likely that my beginning is my ending, that I am on a long looping comet ride. I come from the sun, gone out to the barrens, to the sun I return. I am not afraid.

  7. Me neither.

    It's a song actually, probably taken from a quote, but the music makes it all the more lovely. Artist: Brooke Fraser

  8. Sorry bout that Christopher, I don't always respond on blogger because I don't subscribe to notification of other comments (it fills up my email too quick)Thanks for coming by wordpress you are welcome there anytime. My etiquette online is crass but when I say you are welcome I am being genuine.

    Hecate is the name of a Goddess. I was referring specifically to a blog by that name

    I said repost only because of the date on your post.


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