Monday, April 5, 2010

The Message

If I love like this, someone like this, surely I can love another, love again.

The Message

Today I fell in love
with the message you sent me
and yes, I know not
only me, also
all the others you love like
you love me but still
now you have my heart
handed to you in a note
I wrote in heaven.

April 30, 2009 9:32 AM


  1. I fall in love with messages, not in the way you mean I am sure, but a poem, lyric, phrase, will be so pointed as to make me consider if it was indeed heaven sent...even though all the others read, it was as if to me...for me only...and love it I do. Ingest it full into myself as a kiss of a new lover.

  2. Annie, I would recommend, if you can the other direction. See if you can allow the message to become the bigger thing, draw you out and you end up in its embrace as the message itself holds position in the world. Perhaps you can become less you and more all of us that way. If you are successful then perhaps isolation will have less clarity and presence will be more profound. Perhaps then the world will be more full of light and the darkness will brighten.

  3. Today
    it was a poem
    so simply stated
    a word or two placed
    like birds in the sky
    like song
    Today it was not even
    just love
    but Love like rain
    like wind
    like the way your words
    and if your heart
    is handed out on notes
    then mine is flying
    with each bird
    wings against the darkening sky
    full of expectation
    and joy...

    Not sure, Christopher... but whenever I come here -- seems my mind ends up somewhere. I like what you wrote up above to Annie. Letting the message become the bigger thing -- I like the thought of that expansion. I would like to feel love that way. LOVE.


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