Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Rising Orbs

People I know take orbs seriously, have gone to power points where they appear. They have night pictures of them, and of themselves and others among them. I have personally never seen them or been to those places. The places where orbs appear are not hard to get to if you know where to go. Not everyone can experience them.

I do know what it is like to call for someone to return. It doesn't matter what the reality is. The heart is another reality. I call for my deceased wife sometimes. I call for Mary and Frances. The others are so far back there before my wife. I don't call for them. I also call for the fantasy of some others whom I have never known as lovers. I called for Mary like that. One day she answered even though I never conceived she would. That is a lesson to me. Sometimes fantasies come true, and are even better in reality. That lasted two years and came to an inevitable end. That I knew it was going to be like that did not change a thing. That some others found a great deal in my loving Mary to criticize did not change a thing. It was a blessing and it changed my life way for the better.

Off topic...I am so completely pleased with this blogging experience. Sometimes the gifts are beyond measure. I look at the Feedjit widget and know there are many who never comment. I even know some friends around here where I live that go to my blog and never comment but tell me about it. Frances visits but will not comment. And you people who choose to interact are wonders of my heart. Today has been especially fine this way, with two poems in the comments. So this is just a heads up to those who may not go to the comment page, if you are coming here specifically for the poetry, you might want to check the comments. You never know when a poem might appear, sometimes a poetic dialogue. I have been known to write one in the comments of my own blog when the moment calls for it.

The Rising Orbs

The orbs always come
at this time of year
to nestle near the needles
at the base of trees
and rise at your name
called out in hope that calling
will bring you blessings
and blessings bring you
back to me, back to this place.

February 15, 2009 11:15 PM


  1. I loved you then
    and here you are
    a shining light
    right beside me always
    a shame
    that I can't see,
    won't look
    don't shove that in my face
    just yet

    that fact
    the one where I get to see
    that we aren't gone after all


  2. I read you every day, get an e-mail feed. I don't always come over, or comment, but I am always reading.

  3. Great text, I like geometric forms as well, the poem is fantastic, for me is the best, where will the orbs take you, I guess you know but you do not want to say the real place.

    Take care my new friend

  4. {{{Michelle}}}
    There is a timing to this awakening that cannot be changed. Everyone in the know agrees, it comes like a thief in the night, that no one knows, not the wisest among us. We undertake the disicplines to hurry it along but you can make the case that we undertake the disciplines because we sense the moment nearing.

    Of course. I have too little time just now to do all that it takes to comment. But I can sneak a read in many times throughout the day.

    Mariana, The question is not so much do I know but how can I say. Some things go far beyond language. I think you know of things you can say in music you cannot really say in words. I certainly do. That is why I continue to practice, waiting for the moments when I "say" something unsayable. They come. They really come.

    But it doesn't end there. There are other things to say. We can only tell stories, parables, poems.

  5. If only it were that way, coming back and leaving again in celestial transit. Some people believe in a connection with the beyond. We all have our secret beliefs that bring us gentle smiles. Is it just the memories that we put on like a warm winter coat or is it authentic?

  6. TB, :) You are on your own here since none of us really have the authority to demand of you one truth or another. Of course you are permitted in this to decide to hold to a particular truth, to join a community. We call this "faith", yes?

    I have my faith, based on certain experiences and tendencies and proclivities. God is demanded of me. If I don't believe in him I fail. This of course means very little to the next guy but it is life to me. I don't care if He "really" exists. I am unashamed to know that if there is no higher power then I am up a tree. Of course, I claim that for me God is also an experience. This also does not really matter to the next guy.

    As far as orbs go, I don't really care enough to find out but I like them. How about UFOs? I wish they would exist. I like them, and can't really figure out why they would be hostile. That dark part has always seemed ridiculous to me. Whatever. One of my fave movies is MIB. Faeries, of please let there be faeries and elves. I know gremlins exist...they steal my stuff, make me crazy, then put the stuff back later in places I should have been able to see, so I know they took it and then put it back:)

  7. A orb is an orb is an orb?

    Far stranger is when they sit on the bed behind you and you feel the mattress dip and their hand on your shoulder....

    I'd dance with you sir :)


  8. "The heart is another reality." There's a lot of truth in that. Heart rules, heart break, heart foreign to the rest of the life experience. Matters of the heart hold the most weight and the most value, they pack a whollop like no other. Orbs? Yeah, I carry a few...

    "If I don't believe, I fail..." So totally...for me, not for the other guy :)

  9. Michelle, kinda like dancing with a musically inclined hippo :)

    W&W, the belief/experience thing...
    twice in my life, at the beginning of the dope and at the end of my drinking, God stepped in. I don't have any other sensible way of saying it. At the beginning He was so overt that belief can't describe it. At the end He was far more subtle, appearing as God with skin on in the guise of many members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    In between and ever since, I have been busy figuring out who I am to be and how I am to pay it forward.

  10. I close my eyes
    against even
    these soft lights
    that brighten
    my dark nights
    and lead me
    a false chase
    to a hoped-for,
    sacred place
    where you lie
    in my mind,
    only in mind.

  11. {{{Karen}}}

    We will turn this into a poetry corner.

    Orbs often photograph even when people can't see them. I understand that people feel them more than see them but then these photos happen. One person fairly close to my life named Jesus Ramirez-Anton went to one of these spots in Washington, a mountain there, and reported about how it felt. He had over a dozen photos with orbs in them, and several without orbs. He had personally taken them all, he said.

  12. Ghost, your orb looks luscious like an egg might look to the losing sperm just after the winner succeeds. It is easy for me to take that point of view. Shit.


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