Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In My Blood

Where I don't feel so much connection to Britain's present, I do feel it to the past. I am told I am related to Scottish royalty, to Robert De Bruce through my father's lineage. When I read John Michell's View Over Atlantis there was a stirring in my heart. I don't really know what to do with such things. I love the Ley lines, feel there is really something to them (but what??). I am too well trained in our scientific disciplines to easily entertain alternate sciences, but I am too much a poet to not give credence to the fantastic. I have one foot in both worlds. Last February there were serious archeological articles appearing that tied Woodhenge and Stonehenge together.

There is Woodhenge and Stonehenge within walking distance and the tracings of the path, which includes the nearby water. The path goes to the water from Woodhenge broadly, then along the water, then is discernable as a straight track to Stonehenge from the water. The living quarters were near Woodhenge and it is now surmised that there was a ritual interconnection of life(wood and village) and death (stone and solitude), that this was the first use and that this use continued in later iterations, though the astronomical placements seem clear as well. The astronomy may well be related to the spirit realms.

In My Blood

I, immersed in time
like drowning in deep water
walk the living path
from wood to stone, there
to worship the dead, and back
to wood to praise life,
both henges my own
by right of birth, by divine
right, by right of blood.

February 20, 2009 2:18 PM


  1. "When I read John MIchell's View Over Atlantis there was a stirring in my heart". You reacting to the chi.

  2. along the path
    spirits roam
    wood to stone
    life to grave
    before was known
    in mariner's
    blood riven veins

    where lineage caught
    and given grace
    to still the ghosts
    'tween timber frames


  3. So interesting. Love the poem and the history. Loved Ghost's poem as well.

  4. Yes, TB. When I wrote my practicum I called such things a question of fit. Whether fantasy or real, there is in me a channel that precisely fit the flow of ideas and sentiment. This does not proove fact but prooves truth, not universal truth but destined truth. It is a call in some way and in some way demands an answer. Clothing works however, but when it fits, I feel better too.

    Ghost, thank you I too like your poem very much.

    W&W, your taste in poets is impeccable :)

  5. I didn't comment here yesterday when I read here, because I was so in between the henges I just couldn't make sensible words happen :)

    However, I love this notion. It tickles my fancy and takes me places I like to be.

    I hope you are feeling better, inside, if not out.

    Sometimes the words
    you say
    tickle me in
    places I forgot were there
    till just now, and
    that was nice
    I have a notion that
    your fingers are strong
    could reach that spot of mine
    that itched like crazy
    when I was there

    Am babbling now :)


  6. In between the henges. That is what my life is.


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