Monday, October 12, 2009

A Moment On The Path

I have nothing more to add to this one. Well, a little, I guess. Just that it is always and ever a collaboration.

A Moment On The Path

I feel it coming,
this upwelling rush of heat
from deeper inside
than I have ever
gone on my own, rising up
to meet the thunder,
the lightning descent,
the presence of you nearby
in the phosphor light.

February 16, 2009 9:35 PM


  1. Ahhhh
    for sure.
    I might add it to my post today :)

  2. My reaction was exactly the same as Michelle's. Ooooh!

    Then I thought, Christopher has nothing else to add, because you can't add to perfection.

  3. Rising up to meet the know I do it. We have the thing...thunder and I. Stormy relationship, but I NEED it. It is our first real storm of the season today. Already the wind blows the wind chimes into a frenzy and the rain pelts sideways. Oh man...I love it.

  4. Jozien, by all means, if you wish.

    Karen, I try to remember the differences between excellence (achievable) and perfection. I don't think that's a word quibble.

    W&W, me too. I am a storm person. My best storm moment came in the monsoons of East Pakistan. I was able to be up on my roof in the sunshine, watching what was nearly a tornado tear down the street just a couple blocks away. Another moment, when the thunderclouds were not more than 300 feet overhead, me in clear air directly beneath.

  5. Sounds like it is a good thing someone else is present with that much power and strength being unleashed. For me, that much power is only in anger and that I work on containing. I would like to think that this writing is not about anger but about awakening.

  6. TB, that is a unique insight. It can be anger, can't it? There is absolutely nothing in the poem that forces this to be the rise of kundalini, or else the rise not translating into anger. I think this is a teaching moment. I think this is what can happen. Kundalini rises and what happens next depends on the quality of consciousness. It is certain that power of this magnitude will be translated if it cannot be experienced directly for what it is. The heat of it will feel like a rage.

  7. Gosh, and my mind went straight to and the same sometimes. If you're lucky.


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