Monday, October 19, 2009

On Reading Your Poem

I am surrounded in blogland with terrific poets. This is a poem about a poet, a poet in some trouble, it would seem. I don’t know what poetry means to all of you. One way I use poetry is to write myself out of a corner. Or into one, I suppose.

On Reading Your Poem

If you were deeper
than this, more compact, you'd be
As it is, you are
breathtaking in your terse words
and approachable.
I fear for your plight
now, after the fact of it,
feel the squirt
of your juicy orange.

February 18, 2009 1:36 PM


  1. i'm stuck in the outer reaches of cyberspace with only a Chris-like soda straw of bandwidth.... blech

  2. Write yourself out of a corner? Brilliantly put...why we write, what we write. Often the conscious dealing with unconscious demons.

  3. Laugh out loud! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! ROFLOL! Hoot. *snort* Ghost and I have this running discussion of the seriously limited dial up that hooks my house to the internet. This even though I am a computer user (actually probably because I am a user) professionally. For years I had almost no internet at home, just a little email. I am still not mixed media. I don't want to. But Ghost goes blech.

    But W&W, why did you not pick up on the other, that I write myself into a corner. Words are talismans, or can be, and sometimes saying a thing really well prooves that it's true...because I can say it so well, it is true. But that's not only a lie, it's a damned lie. Words are like a good knife, a really effective tool for the purposes intended so long as you hone it, but really bad drawn across one's neck. There are days when my mind is a bad neighborhood, not safe for me to go into alone.

    Michelle, I am particularly partial to oranges, actually the smaller varieties like Clementines.

    I love you guys.

  4. Approachable is good. No matter how much I admire or am in awe of someone, I must know they are approachable. I think you are much better with terse words than I am. And I am so there with the orange.

  5. TB, I have fought with my own tendency to get too abstract and to over talk and over write things my whole life. This is one defect in my communication, that I think I need to say it all and say it all right now. I will say that to understand this point you have to know these twenty-two other points. It may even be true. Even true it still won't communicate. That's just too much to say in one go. I have paid the price for that many times.


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