Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Odd Vacation

I am taking a few days away. This is to visit an incarcerated friend. He is housed for another fourteen years or so in the Oregon State prison system, and currently at Snake River Correctional Institution, on Stanton Blvd, north and west of Ontario, Or. I am traveling with my former girlfriend who now lives in Vancouver, BC. She maintains her house here in Oregon City, the next town south of me. She has renters, comes down frequently to do the gardening and keeps a room of her own. The house is beautiful and she has little trouble getting renters. We will drive nearly to Oregon's eastern border with Idaho and camp in Farewell Bend State Park. I will be out of communication for a little while, back certainly on Sunday evening.

This is the women I put in a prayer cycle with the intention of ending up with a more or less simple friendship. Without that practice my natural state puts me far away from former lovers, looking rather desperately for replacements and staying generally disturbed for a long while. Instead, with the practice, I ended up peaceful, okay staying alone and not looking with urgency, and my disturbance at losing my lover subsided to an easily managed level within six months. The prayer cycle evolved naturally into a practice, part of my preventative maintenance against my tendency to trash my career.

I trust that you, my friends, will thrive without me.


  1. Hi, Christopher. I just wanted to say hello and wish you well. I'm sorry your friend is incarcerated, but I'm glad you have the opportunity to visit. Take care and have a safe journey.

  2. Missing you already. :) Hope you enjoy your trip.

  3. Well, you have a nice break....and visit.


  4. You'll only be a state or two away from me. ;D

    About the prayer circle, that sounds like a good idea. I have a tendency to mess things up sometimes as well (grrr, unconcious self sabatoge, it is the worst.)

    Have a safe trip...

  5. I hope you are refreshed b y your trip and by seeing your friends. Take care.

  6. Good for you, having a little R & R. Come back refreshed and ready to tell us all about your friends and the trip.

  7. is your friend like a real bank robber like John Dillinger? Johnny Depp is playing John Dillinger at the movies and now i'm fascinated by bank robbers.....

    Dillinger's tombstone

    i wonder if Dillinger ever had a prayer circle....

  8. Have a lovely visit and come home rested.

  9. sounds like you're doing some good things... so I guess we'll all have to forgive you...

    take care christopher

  10. Being on the road does something good for the soul. Enjoy yourself. Roll your window down, k.

    I'm sure your friend will appreciate your time and effort in the visit.

    Six months? And yet that seems so long to recover. I wish pain like this simple didn't need to happen.

  11. it's a real drag that he's left us with out pomes..... and i know he's really going to spring his pal from the pen.... watching the newspapers.... Christopher is quite the desperado.... that's why i love 'im....

  12. Have a safe and good journey.

    (I've prayed to have a good friendship come out of something that could have gone bad; it worked!)


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