Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In The Uneven Dark, How It Is

Sometimes you just have to come back down to earth.

In The Uneven Dark

I've come up shorter
than I thought I would tonight.

I was headed for
an epiphany,
some true light and angel breath
like incense wafting
left behind the moon.

Instead what I want, a cup
of hot tea, your kiss.

February 1, 2009 2:58 PM


Did anybody notice? I quit capitalizing every line.

How It Is

The poem adrift on the winds
anonymous, self sufficient,
gazes downward in passing
looking for the poet
who will care enough
to give it a place
to land for now.

After, it will fly
free again.

February 1, 2009 3:25 PM


  1. Sometimes, the poem lies at the bottom of the cup and the song is heard in the sigh breathed after the kiss.....

    and that is enough....



  2. You should make a book Christopher, I'd buy it.

    Would be lovely to have...


  3. I don't call that coming up short at all, cup of tea and a kiss that is really a kiss.

    The second poem is already set free when you shared it with all of us.

  4. *smoochies* there is a cyber kiss (the best on short notice)
    and I love this all of yours.

  5. Both Beautiful!
    And like technobabe,
    i take the kiss :)

  6. I love the idea of the poem choosing the poet.

    Beautiful images in the first. Not caught short at all.

  7. Michelle, thank you for your kind words, for liking this stuff so much. I like your stuff too. :)

    Techno, :)

    Cherie, I accept all kisses, whatever form from you.

    Jozien, yep. Me too. Since I can't fly. But I would fly if I could.

    Karen, what I thought, poems often let me fly into the sacred sky and allow me to sing angel songs. What I thought, that night surely would be one of those nights, but then I had to settle for merely human, for realizing that human, merely human is what I really want. Most of my life I have yearned for much more than that. That's a conundrum.

  8. {{{Christopher}}}

    I've been away and gone in the depths of family strife these last weeks. These poems were perfect to land on upon my return to your domain. I especially love the second, I feel one above trying to land upon me, but I have not given it the time. You have put this here to tell me to get out my pen. I love the all the sign posts from beyond.

  9. {{{Catvibe}}}

    I am happy to hear from you. The last I was tracking, you were having a good time dancing. I guess I was thinking you were busy in the world, maybe having a great relationship, never guessing that you were tangled up in family affairs. I hope you have come back relatively unscathed.


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