Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Another Day, Ghost Story

I don't really have anything to say about Just Another Day. It speaks for itself. I actually have no idea how to knap a stone. The question asked in the poem is a real one. I have read arguments on both sides of the issue.

Just Another Day

It's been a long time
since it all started, aeons
since we got upright
and you argue did
we talk first or walk first?
I forget, don't want
to argue the past.
You touch my hairy head, stroke
me in your old way
while I squat here, knap
this new flinty blade.

February 1, 2009 10:13 AM


I have a blog friend by the name of Ghost Dansing. I wrote this poem. Do you think there is some connection? This particular Ghost is masculine. Ghost Dansing is enigmatic. Or is that ectoplasmic?

Ghost Story

I have a ghost friend,
a dancer once when more substantial
who now fancies himself
a bit of a conjuror.
Recently he began to assert
himself as present
just like anybody else.

He came to the house,
snuck in behind us
and began a rite to summon demons.

It worked famously, but then
the demon tried to eat him
and though you can't eat ghosts,
this disappointed him,
so he shut the spell down
and with that,
with the finish of the chant,
with the incense
burned to ash,
and the glow of demon's breath
still in the air, he turned
and wandered off.

February 1, 2009 2:24 PM


  1. Just Another Day.....sometimes I wonder has anything really changed? Except, maybe, for the complicity we civilised beings insist on giving everything, or do you think he scratched his hairy brow and pondered laser treatment for the pulling power.....:)

    Of course, I may have totally missed the point, being slightly insane just now......

    As for ghosts and demons...get ye gone I say!


  2. It HAS been eons since we started, and I wonder how far much we've changed, after all?

    As for Ghost - gd is a bit of a conjurer for sure.

  3. Not much has changed in our emotional lives. I really like the better food and hygiene. :)

    Michelle, I hope you can find your serenity.

    Karen, yes indeed GD does conjure. The Ghost was also the first serious friend I made after leaving my blog womb. The Ghost found me somehow.

  4. Fun ghost story. A change from the usual permanence of hauntings to this more whimsical way of it. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kondratas, thanks for visiting. Welcome.

  6. The second poem is just like when the party's over we just go home.

  7. Sometimes it would be good to help with the clean up... :) That ghost didn't, just wandered off. Have you ever tried to scrub out demon stains? Worse than cat poop on shag rugs.


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