Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Am Falling Too, The Two Prayers

I am quite grateful. I am not in a troublesome relationship. In the morning on the way to work I spend my time in prayer, meditation and review of my life as I am instructed to do to protect my sobriety. I have not found any current difficult entanglements for a long time. But I remember. I am willing to face not only the experiences that I have had, but as well the experiences I am capable of having given different circumstances.

I Am Falling Too

The dark flower fell
Severed from the stalk of love,
Falling further than
The world, beyond my truth
Into the lies you left me
By the open door
And the rain that fell on me
As I climbed the steps
And walked into this
Empty house.

January 26, 2009 8:40 PM


I am just another bozo on the bus in most ways. The people at work well know this. So do the few members of my family still around and also my local friends. I guess I have some poetry and music that others don't have. Maybe there are some other unique things. I insist on continuing to learn. Yet I know I have no special position, at least no more special than yours. I believe my prayers are effective. I believe yours are too.

The Two Prayers

I see you among
The stones, hands aloft as you
Reach toward your God
In prayer for those
Who went before you and me.

I hold my heart, hands
Rise in my own way,
Om Namo, Bhagavate
Vasu devaya,
My deep call for you,
For me, and for all, amen.

January 26, 2009 8:58 PM
Revised, July 14, 2009 7:06 PM


  1. Wow.

    The first..yeah, been there recently.

    The second....there too. No, it's not about whose praying...just the prayer...


  2. Prayers go out into the universe and we just don't know who receives and what takes place but something sure happens.

  3. 'I insist on continuing to learn', that's how to stay alive...

    Prayer, I have an inner critic who forbids me from praying for outcomes, but only permits asking for the strength, or whatever, to endure, accept, appreciate them; I think she's right, of course, but she can be very harsh. I sometimes wish she'd give me some slack...

  4. Boarding the right bus is the key.

    Prayers rising to our gods, collectively lift our human condition above the bounds of this life, this reality. That's a good thing.

  5. Look how wise you all are.

    I call you wise. Now you all know what being wise feels like...heh. And you thought it would feel like, what?

    Lucy, there are prayer disciplines and within the discipline there is usually some kind of specific language that forms a frame. In that frame you can ask directly for things. Of course asking specifically can be double edged, because it assumes that the things you want are the things that are good for you. I assume that my "contract" with God places Her in charge of what is good for me. In my prayer life whatever She (oh okay, He) has in mind trumps whatever I may ask for. Sometimes it is good to say so specifically.

    Karen, you give me chuckles. One of the ways I describe my condition is as waiting for a long time now for the bus. I say I was ditched, stranded here. Now I've been waiting for the bus to come. Maybe I don't know where the bus stop is...

    {{{Michelle}}} Hope you are nowhere near all tangled up these days.

    Techno, so much of that spiritual stuff doesn't really have to be decided. However, people can choose to commit to specific paths, assuming that the commitment itself contains power.

    It does, actually, the taking up of a discipline in spiritual matters has results similar to the taking up of a musical instrument and sticking with it. And in both cases, it helps but is not essential to have talent. Most of us are modestly capable and can gain from the effort.

  6. No, no knots in me that I can't unravel anymore Christopher.

    Thanks for caring :)

    Loving you too


  7. I think this of fundamental importance, that none of us negates the others specialness, either in the day to day, or in the eyes of god, or in a line at a theatre. If we could all get our hands around that one, and our minds, we'd all be doing pretty well.

  8. Erin, I agree with you. I would like to enrich the notion though. I think of how Christians I have known think of talent or calling. We are indeed special, and it is to a purpose.

    This is where it gets a little thick though. Because the purpose is plainly much larger than we are, and quite likely not of our choosing. We will fit the calling but maybe quite strangely considering our own point of view. This calls for enriching our own character so that we begin to know and enact humility. I mean the kind of humility that is you or me finding our right size.

    I can't figure out what about us is so special if it does not involve following the purposeful path that not only comes from beyond us but leads there as well.

    I should mention at this point that we are not special because we are loved, and we are certainly loved, but we may not be capable of the richest love ourselves unless we do follow our calling. This is the heart of the civilizing process, of maturation.


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