Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am fine, though I think these heart pills kick my ass...

I ran out of steam and time in the last few days, spent most of yesterday in rest mode, and am moving slow today, resting up for the next week's work. I thank God that I basically enjoy my work. It involves research and creativity and because I am not completely suitable for it, it stretches me to the utmost, always has. I know it is useful work too, and I make small changes to the world in my bailiwick that I can go visit and say, I did that, even from years ago. But there is the other part of corporate life and it wears me out severely. One of the more tiring parts, my work is peripheral to the mainstream money flow and so I am never considered valuable or even essential. I don't actually complain because I have built the cushion required and thus never fret in the lay offs. Instead, I value the relatively frequent time off. I could use a lay off now.

Also, I am on the computer in work mode all day, all week. Sometimes I get filled all the way up beyond my capacity to take with the computer and just can't do one more thing. It was like that yesterday. There was a time in my life that I yearned for an electric typewriter, there were no word processors. There was a time when I yearned for the stand alone word processor too. Some of you might remember those. No matter how facile I am on this gadget, it is not my native country. It costs me to live here.


  1. Hi love, i am glad you're OK :)

  2. Glad all is well and look forward to your getting back up to steam!

  3. I know. I have responsibilities.

    Jozien, love you too.

  4. I'm glad to hear you are ok. And yes, I can totally relate to the computer-work-fatigue thing. I have the same problem. Hugs, Rachel

  5. "It costs me to live here."
    Oh, do I understand that. I'm not sure how much longer I'm willing to pay.

    Be well.

    No way...corporate? Naw.

  6. Uh oh, Erin, you forced a rant...

    Corporations are the Big Persons. There are corporate bodies. The blood is the cash flow, not money or not money only but also promises of various kinds so complex that actual money is peripheral. Corporations protect the cash flow and the special members of the corporations, certain shareholders, become flush while the rest of the shareholders and the stakeholders (among these are the workers), they come and go and with reasonable luck end up comfortable. All of it about keeping a corporate body "alive".

    If you too much are invested in the actual product you become beside the point because the product is actually the shit excreted.

    Raw material of some kind goes in and product of some kind is excreted, hopefully in a way that milks the lifeblood from the sea of consumption, some kind of consumption. None of us "real" people matter very much because none of us can make any kind of difference unless we become one of the special ones.

    It's all hierarchical and there are no corporate members who tell any kind of corporate truth below certain grades. It is not possible.


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