Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Sting, Clean This House

This first poem is a remarkable thing. I was amazed to write it and thought I was quite outside myself doing it. Has there ever been a poet who wrote from the point of view of a wasp? I can't imagine anything other than a feeling very good if I'm a wasp releasing venom into a wound.

The Sting

I land on this thing
Doughy pasty white and stinks!
So I sting it. Hah!

I plant me deep and I squirt.
May I say this feels so good?

I hear a distant roar
That shakes the place I've landed.
So I take off. Hah!


I resist being told what to do. I know I am not the only one. I might be more extreme at this than some and have paid big prices for it. Here is an example of tremendous serendipity happening to someone like me under the tutelage of someone a little further along the path.

Clean This House

I sat beside you
Looking for right direction.
You said, "Clean this house."
I said, "I'm no slave to you."
Your eyes changed, shone so brightly.
My heart broke right then.
I stood up and bowed to you
Then got the straw broom.


  1. You are a fantastic storyteller and brilliant poet. I love the raw energy and honesty to your writing. It gives us readers lots of food for thought. Well deserving of the award from Linda! I’ll be back...

  2. Point of view of a wasp? Not that I have read. "The Sting" would feel good. Letting go of the venom...but no guilt?;)...I guess that would be the joy of the wasp -- no guilt, no shame.

    Have you been to "Bloodroot Ink Poetry?" There is a lovely poem there with a wasp in it. All of Jonnia's poems are lovely... If you have time, go peek.  She was recently featured at the "Breathing Poetry" blog.
    "a darker set of wings"

    I resist being told what to do too. I really like "Clean this House" It is very spiritual. I think I need to find my straw broom and begin.

    On a tangent...your wasp poem made me think of this -- totally unrelated themes -- but bees came to mind and I love this poem...(and I am working on making links work in comments-- so I hope they all work:))

    Tell the Bees 
    by Sarah Lindsay

  3. CathM, welcome. I have seen your trace around.

    Faith, you have made me the link guinea pig!!

    Thanks for the referrals.

  4. Where better to practice my new found skills? :)


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