Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Bird Sanctuary, How You Are

I am posting early because I have something to do quite soon that will take most of the rest of my day.

Sometimes I feel like this. Can't you just leave me alone? Sometimes I feel like I have blundered into places I shouldn't be. Sometimes you, sometimes me. Life invades life. My renter in the back has been down with strep throat and an ear infection, on antibiotics. She says, "Can't you leave me alone?" And the bugs also say, "Why can't you leave me alone?" This is so serious that sometimes I hurt when I go to the bird sanctuary nearby.

The Bird Sanctuary

You guys keep watching
And I do my best, ignore
Your constant invasions.
I high step shallows,
Fishing for my next feeding
And you guys disturb
All the little ones.

They rush from me as if it
Was all my own fault.

Can't you mind your own business?


I saw a flower and meditating on it came up with a small poem on how beautiful you are. You know who you are :) Happy Valentine's Day.

How You Are

I found you peering
Out of the heart of my life,
Out of the flower
Found there, pink and white.

I, beyond myself with love,
With you seeing me -
You claim your bright eyes
Belong to all in this world.

That's just how you are.


  1. What beautiful speak my language.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you don't mind if I come back.

    I found you from Stones from my Hearts blog.

  2. Michelle, if you care for Faith's work, you are certainly welcome here. I am a big fan of Faith.

  3. Awww..Thanks Christopher:)And I am a big fan of yours.

    Such lovely poems.

    Hope you had a good Valentine's Day yesterday.:)

  4. Faith, I had a chance to support an old friend in her speaking engagement last night, along with probably twenty of her other friends. This is a crowd that I am not in the center of but all of us have known each other for many years, so last night was very good.

    I traveled to and from with my friend who rents my back bungalow, a large studio apartment. She is another old friend of twenty years, who once gave me a pair of great cats, the last dying last year at eighteen. Orange marmalade mixed with a bit of white. He was called Phillip Berrigan Cat (Bear) and at the end he was mostly blind and his hearing wasn't good either.

    And another lady gave me a heart shaped rock, saying she didn't know why she was doing this but felt that God was telling her to. That gave me a message I was looking for, that the recent changes in my life are changes in the right direction. This was not an overture of any romantic kind, but an obviously friendly act.

    I feel warm and fuzzy and couldn't feel better except if I had a brand new lover and was all disheveled in exhausted aftermath.

  5. Warm and fuzzy is good. A stone as a gift is a lovely gift...and heart shaped too. You are very fortunate, I think. But, of course, I believe in stones and I believe they hold meaning. I carried a stone in my pocket for years and years and years...

    Changes in the right direction. Isn't it wonderful to feel that way?

    I went walking in the woods today (inspired by Jozien) and I thought of your poem "The Bird Sanctuary". The feathered friends were not so happy with me, but it was lovely.:)

    And your Valentine's poem is so moving. "beyond myself with love..." That is a feeling I know.

  6. 'all disheveled in exhausted aftermath.'



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