Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Need To Cool Down, Breathing

I'm not sure if these are nonsense or really deep :) The first one seems to be about taking advice.

I Need To Cool Down

My friend just told me
I need dousing in a pail
It's for my own good.

I have filled the pail,
Big enough for my whole head,
I'm ready to go.

But he's not here now.
I'm left alone in the lurch
Just when I need him.

I don't know how long....
He always does this to me!



I'm up to my eyes,
Drowning in your deep regard.
I'm holding my breath.
I fell in this pond
Willingly, my life jacket
Lost somewhere as I
Shed unnecessaries,
Found my way to this new life.

I'll have to breathe soon.


Or will I. I mean, if it's a new life, maybe I don't have to breathe...or maybe I shouldn't have trusted the one who holds me in "deep regard". My hair aches. My tongue itches. I'm losing sleep...

If anyone gets a revelation, please let me know.


  1. I love that first one! There's a comical sense of dependency in it; he points you in a direction, then lets you down because he's not there to lift the bucket.

  2. Thanks for JarJar. What's up widja? You been distance impersonated.

  3. oh i've been here and there thinking of new tricks and such..... i have to think of a new political thing for my blog and make a new picture..... :)

  4. Nobody ever accused you of specificity when it comes to yersef andyer wharsheblows.

  5. Christopher - Breathing resonates with me strongly right now. You have perfectly articulated how I feel about writing. I wonder what you've gotten yourself into?

    Dousing in a pail will put out a fire, but why do you need him to be there? Will he pour the water over, or do you need an audience?

    Good stuff!

  6. Karen, your comments are great.

    I watched my mom when she got the bug and wrote a novel. A vanity press thing, after she tried for other publishers. We have it so much better now with this blog thing going on.

    But she was nuts with it, obsessed during the writing, not fit to live with really. It didn't take her that long, just a few months, but wow.

    I like poetry much better and I write mostly short ones even at that. Yet these days I am still bettering my two a day, at least three.

    My pile of those I choose not to publish is growing, and I dumped two today, but really just because with so many to publish, I can't be bothered to fix the stuff that doesn't work. It's not the whole poem, you know, just a couple lines or maybe adding a verse or something.

  7. I do know. I'm finding I have to have somewhere to record snatches of phrases now. My biggest fear, though, is that I have nothing worth saying.

  8. Karen, I understand. Being thought inane and a fool at that for thinking what I wrote was important...how shameful is that??

    Yet I also notice that people like stuff I can't imagine what for. So over time I get less sure that I ever really know what is important. The only solution to all this is to just do it and let God sort it all out...heh.

    Shyness is almost never helpful.

    I think blogging is nearly perfect as a blend of being known and anonymity, being private and public. If I was really concerned, then I could restart a blog completely fabricated and write under the false persona.

    I know personally of a woman who writes her blogs as a man. Because of early experiences in email groups, I know she's not the only one role plays. By the way, I guess it works for her because she's done it for years and has quite a harem of followers, very few men and scores of women who think she is a beautiful man.

    This is just a great thing this blogging, so open to fantasies, or if you are not worried, then absolutely open naked honesty, like Cherie of Butterfly Dreamer.

  9. Naked...(shivering) ha loved this poem....i need a good dunk in water today my love.

  10. Cherie, blogger ate my reply to you.

    I told you I gave away my extra large pail, big enough for my fat head, probably too large for your better proportioned one.

    Then I said I thought you might need a compass more than a good soaking, because the waters you are sailing are very tricky if you have genuine integrity. And I am already certain that if you have anything beyond breathtaking honesty and drop dead beauty it is a genuine desire to keep your integrity.

    I love you for that. You are in a position to behave very badly and I don't think you will.

    Loving you.


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