Monday, August 31, 2015

Jonny Applepoem

On the left as labeled; on the right, Braeburns.

Jonagold apples were developed in 1953 in the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station of Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Jonagolds are a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Jonathan. There are two possible heritages for the Jonathan, which was named either after Jonathan Lash or Jonathan Hasbrouck. Oddly, my mother's last marriage was to Louis Hasbrouck of the early New York Dutch Hasbroucks. I wouldn't mind if Jonathan was some kind of relation to Louis.

The exact source of Braeburn apples is unknown but they are probably a cross of the Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith apple.

Both these varieties of apples are commonly available in the fruit displays of America's west coast supermarkets.

Jonny Applepoem

I was trained to dash
from tree to tree, grabbing nuts
in my squirrel like
passage, modestly
crossing your mythos with mine,
me the wannabe
road guard all got up
in old military gear
with black grease striping
my eyes.

Eating hard
sweet apple, a Jonagold
or a good Braeburn,
I do feel it now.
I clean me all up - cold cream
to remove the grease.
Possibly God knows
what I really mean to say
but I surely don't.

‎June ‎2, ‎2014 11:14 PM

The poem was written near the end of a poetry collaboration between Irene Toh and me - a month long trade of poems back and forth.


  1. I have taken to writing pkems in the comments of other's poetry...other people's work often inspires fact my first poem was in responce (and in the comments) of a poem of yours...glad to have you as a teacher!

    1. I have certainly noticed the poems in my comments... Keep writing. Nothing can replace practice.


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