Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Street Life - Three Word Wednesday

This is Three Word Wednesday. Thom chose
Addicted; Defiant; Filth

You Can Get Used To Anything

It is no longer
strange to find myself a full
week without a bath,
wearing clothes stiff with
filth, only keeping the dope
and fit needle clean
as best I still can.

I am addicted to white
dope, can take or leave
the green but money
oh the money. I really
really need the gelt
and to know the way
to the dealer's open house
taking defiant
strides past the narcos
on their satanic black beat,
daring them to strike.

‎August ‎5, ‎2015 5:43 PM


  1. this is powerful, Chris. and sad, too (I like that line, "really need the gelt"--not a word you see much of these days, but a nice fit there.

    1. Put that word in on purpose as a signal. It is not true that only uneducated people are on the street. That word requires in depth English classes of some kind.

  2. Sad but a reality in the lives of many!

  3. what a sad reality for drug addicts a horrible way to live is addiction

    1. Hmmm. I lived on the street for a short time in my youth during college. I met drug addicts, the mentally ill, runaways, drop outs without drugs, travelers, and many drop ins who would be there for a week or two and then go home just for the freedom of it. There are positives to the life if you are not imprisoned in it. Most are not actually imprisoned so long as they have sufficient mental and emotional health. I would hesitate to extend sympathy to a street person. She or he may not want it.

    2. Even so, the street is grim and any beauty in it keeps that grim indifference as a backdrop.


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