Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Really Screwed Up - A Magpie Tale

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I Really Screwed Up

The sky got that small,
as if a little white cloud
thinking of the storms
it contains but then
choosing to kiss you because
I did not move fast
and do so myself.

Now I'm seventy and I
remember all that
and a sting courses
the lip of my eye, leaving
a rising tidal
flow behind to show
the unutterable truth
of my heart's stature.

‎August 9, ‎2015 9:05 AM

This is a variant on a true story. Enough said.


  1. They say them vape
    Machines be ok
    So I donned a blindfold
    And puffed away
    Apple candy
    Rasberry pie
    Gave um all a try
    I wont lie
    I thought it sexy
    To puff like a chimney
    Expelling great clouds
    Then the thought occured to me
    May have no more empty packs
    Or a mouth like an ashtray
    But to this handheld
    Machine I am chained...

    1. Take diuretics and you will be chained to a toilet.

    2. Laxatives work pretty good too.

  2. Sounds like you experienced a great lost love--if not, you write it very well.

  3. Replies
    1. I can't even begin to describe what that was really like. Not that it was a horrible crushing thing. It was realizing how blind I was and unable to get past my prejudices about what I deserved. I passed on a good thing not even realizing it was there.

    2. See? That's not right either. Not even believing it could be there is closer.

  4. Love whether lost or found, or found and lost again, is almost always where the best poetry hides. No matter the metaphor or the analogy--and, yeah, it stings

  5. sometimes we just aren't thinking when someone passes through ones life. Excellent.

  6. Love's a strange creature. The feelings would linger on when it missed the cue the first time.It worked that way often times! Well penned Chris!


  7. Amazing. That first stanza says it all. Beautifull

  8. Great write, Christopher. The emotion comes rolling out strong, wistful, regret can be tasted.

  9. Lovely, poignant but brilliant!

  10. the unutterable truth of my heart's stature... magnificent... truly.

  11. There are those moments in the past.. those places where the road divided... and who know what the difference wold have been.

  12. Every missed dream has a hope attached to it... That gives it the charm and a magnetic appeal...
    "a sting courses
    the lip of my eye, leaving
    a rising tidal
    flow "


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