Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lover's Anxiety - A Magpie Tale

This image of a sprite asleep in a forest nest was chosen by Tess for this week's Magpie Tale. Click on the link to find the contributor list.

Lover's Anxiety

I caught you sleeping,
mid-dream I suspect, sweetie,
and in your green nest,
your spooning repose
calling for me to join you
my front to your back
if only I could
figure how to silently
and feather light do
such a delicious
thing keeping you from waking
to my ungainly
and ugly presence.

‎August ‎2, ‎2015 6:44 AM


  1. You captured the essence of this picture.

    Well done.

  2. lovely poem to match this image.

  3. Many sighs after reading this, Christopher .....

  4. Yes, there is something alluring about seeing someone precious in repose. Lovely

  5. These brings to mind Beauty and the Beast, and the gentleness of the words make me want to hug Beast. ♥

  6. This is beautiful, but I'm a bit sad that the narrator is so hard on himself.

    1. But you have not been in the same space with the narrator. He is perhaps everything he thinks. It just isn't true that all people who think they are ugly have what we call poor self image. It is also not true that because he views himself as ugly that he also feels incompetent and ignorant of necessity.

  7. In Beauty and the Beast, that Beauty loves the Beast does not change the fact that Beast is Beast in aspect, only that he can be sweet in behavior if allowed to be. So Beauty can see past the Bestial and civilize him but this does not change how he appears to others or at least it should not, for how can Beauty change the whole world? And why should she?

    And for that matter, why is Beauty a she and Beast a he. That makes things awkward does it not? The reverse role does not seem possible. He is Beauty and she the Beast.

  8. Replies
    1. What makes you think it's me I was writing about??

    2. Perhaps that I wrote in first person, but if it was a novel, would you think the author was putting himself in the novel or just using a style of story telling?

    3. Still, it's true that the fellah needs some luck here.

  9. A lovely poem of longing that works well with the prompt...

  10. I hope it's not personal. It sounds like a fairy tale that could go either way. I like the honesty.

  11. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but in the eye of the beholdee. And its what shines through the physical persona that counts, after all.

    The picture is lovely, and the poem matches up well with it.

    Also when we write a poem, no matter how third person we are about it, some part of us is involved. Agreed, it can be mildly annoying (or downright disconcerting) to have someone assume the "I" in the poem is the "I" who wrote it, and long ago I stopped trying to explain the difference.

    1. As I wrote, the insertion of the poet into his poem is no worse than the novelist into his novel. At the start of writing for real they say write what you know and that of course usually must mean one's own inner spaces. At some point they are no longer the only topics. The skills and devices are sufficient and one really does write the novel about a stranger in a strange land or the poem of some other soul and world.

  12. Images of Beauty and the Beast come to mind. Lovely imagery indeed.


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