Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Horizon Problem-3 Word Wednesday (late)

"History of the Universe" by Yinweichen - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

The inflationary Universe. According to the theory of inflation, the early Universe expanded exponentially fast for a fraction of a second after the Big Bang. Cosmologists introduced this idea in 1981 to solve several important problems in cosmology. One of these problems is the horizon problem.

The inflationary epoch lasted from 10^−36 seconds after the Big Bang to sometime between 10^−33 and 10^−32 seconds. This is the actual "Bang" in the big bang. Following the inflationary period, the Universe continues to expand, but at a less accelerated rate.

Even theoretically, there is no way to say much about the period before 10^-36 seconds. There is little meaning to be found, and actually not much meaning before 380,000 estimated years passed - that being the horizon of the knowable universe from our point of view.

The horizon problem in Cosmology has to do with how fast things happened and why the cosmos is so uniform no matter where we look. There is no known way for different locales to communicate with each other given the known limits to that communication and so no known reason why things turned out so uniform.

Thom at Three Word Wednesday offered up amusing; deeply; and elastic as the three words. Click on Three Word Wednesday to see the other contributions.

The Horizon Problem

Walking the damp stones
you placed beside the north wall
of our High Street House
I realize how
amusing my life's become
in the deeply lit
frame of my struggle
to remain elastic in
the gnarly fingers
of my latter days.

I see who I should have been
as they recorded
the metrics of souls,
mine and yours - all the others
to establish rank.

I scored fourth highest,
flying in the thin upper
strata of the crowd
making my Momma
ever so thoroughly proud
and while I am not
so much, I remain
mostly all I think about.

But I think of you
too, Sweetie...sometimes.

‎September ‎3, ‎2015 4:15 PM


  1. It appears as if the big bang was a bomb and the shock wave is carrying the material that did not get consumed by fission...and the forming of the universe is simply the coalescing of the settling dust left over from the explosion ...

    Collapsing singularities

    We are but stardust
    And this meeting
    Of you and me
    Merely an act gravity
    And the randomness
    Of proximity
    In the greater scheme of things
    Not of note
    Not even significant enough
    To be an anomaly
    That's ok baby
    As your lips fall on mine
    This moment in line
    Fractures entropy
    Collapsing singularities
    Take less time
    And like this collision
    Of yours and mine
    Bends the universe
    To mark its place in time

    Chris McQueeney ©2015

  2. wowow i love this. amazing truths :) really i am quite serious about this wonderfully lighthearted poem ( i only read the poem btw)


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