Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - 3 Word Wednesday

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
On His Own

Look past the trappings,
the isolation cloaking
so much confusion,
and see the adept
standing awkward in the glen
all on his own stake,
his edible gift
of sacrificial outlets.

He oozes viscous
spells uttered in heat.
See how they glow in the dark,
a weird sick pale green
that weave in and out
his enrobed legs, his strip wrapped
calves, his barely shod
hooves, half changed is he.
That spell failed near the bad end
and could not bounce free.

‎April ‎23, ‎2014 6:39 AM
Written for Three Word Wednesday

Adept; Edible; Viscous.

Or if you want the original


  1. This piece just flows so beautifully and is so descriptive. I love that last line 'That spell failed near the bad end
    and could not bounce free.'

  2. Yeah, good story, that apprentice should have waited for his master. Nicely.

  3. We all need a role model and a bit of guidance..but comes a day when trial and error is how we become one ourselves perhaps! Delightfully green and magical

  4. He will get it right, if he keeps trying. Nicely done!

    1. Meanwhile we can hope he has a spell to undo a partial shape change which has just gotta be uncomfortable.

  5. Wow! Borderline eroticism happening here. Or is it just me?

    1. LOL. Once you decide to it certainly reads that way. I have this kind of trouble and I guess that most symbolists do. When you start using symbols in a big and pregnant way then you can't be totally in control of how things work out. I assure you that the coherency of the sexually erotic can also be read from other vantages. I take this comment to be a high compliment because it means the coherency of my poem goes in more directions than I can know. That's a sign of good work. Thank you for showing me. Easy for me to see what you saw now you point it out.


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