Sunday, April 13, 2014

The King Of Cats

Offered by Tess as a Magpie Tales writing prompt.

Wiki says: "In 1921 Mitsou, a book which included forty drawings by Balthus, was published. It depicted the story of a young boy and his cat, with a preface by Balthus's mentor, the Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke who at the time was Balthus' mother's lover. The theme of the story foreshadowed his lifelong fascination with cats, which resurfaced with his self-portrait as The King of Cats (1935)."

No other cat king has such long legs. However, there are many other kings of cats. I am one as well.

Wordle 156 offered by Brenda as a Sunday Whirl writing prompt.

How I Got To Be
The King Of Cats
At Age Five

My mother made love
to poems way back in the day
but outgrew that hook
and chose a football.
I was raised by a football
who transformed into
a high school admin
from teaching mathematics.
He dreamed of goal posts.

I often will chant
as I sit with my call backs
and then tumble down
off the porcelain
which is what I get thinking
how a football raised
me. The papers prove
it though. I swear it. Briefly
in limbo which turns
my wrists, I cover
my humming with hot water
feeling deeply at
a loss, and gaudy
too, even though Mom would love
all my moonlit dreams.
I think. She's gone now
you know and the football's flat,
at peace in the grass.

‎April ‎13, ‎2014 3:51 PM


  1. A delightfully surreal memoir.*smiles*

  2. What a touching look at what was and what became..i think she would indeed love all your moonlit dreams..

  3. The first line is brilliant. I love the use of the word "made," and how it relates to the lines that follow. Like Jinksy, I am delighted by the surreality of the tone and structure. Yum!

    My Magpie Entry

  4. Yes, I really like the way you made such a nice story from the prompt words.

  5. Interesting! I really like the last few lines. Great!

  6. in the days before
    we used the post and portrate
    for our s&m adds...
    cats not on the menu

  7. Thank you all. I just got in from watching the moon disappear, eaten by earth's shadow. Just at the last moment, the clouds basically covered everything.

  8. Absolutely brilliant, so many lines I love, one to re-read.


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