Monday, April 14, 2014

Peace Within The Storm


Peace Within The Storm

Back in whenever
bee cee a guy they called Job
found himself in dutch,
dumped in a tough shit
test and exposed in a book
to show what is true
in the way of things.

Sometimes I wonder what gives
with all the people
who think after all
it is a matter of mind
set straight rights the wrongs
that lay siege to life
as if there's no thing outside
us with another
flipping agenda,
or inside either, by God.

Be grateful for breaks
in the hard weather
that may come to us or not
under the long sun.
Accept the changes
in the soft weather as well.

No news is good news.

April 14, 2014 3:57 PM

written in collaboration with Irene. See Orange Is A Fruit

Now to be fair and balanced, this picture offered through the Book of Job is not the only view of life that registers, either in the Bible or beyond it. I find these pictures of life on the planet are not exclusive even though they seem so in the draft of them. There are more positive views (positive is not the right word, really) and also even more negative views.

This is the realm of philosophy, even though in the biblical sense things are more religious than philosophical. But these pictures are not exclusive. If you are a minority person in Nazi Germany and you are sent to a death camp, the Book of Job may seem too kind. On the other hand, if you grow up in upper middle class North America, then that same vision may seem unduly harsh. It is possible on the planet that people with both experiences are living out their philosophies on the same day. They will both be correct. The world is very much bigger than we are and contains these contradictions easily. I am sure that "positive thinking" is not a livable posture for me. That does not mean it is not the way you can and perhaps must live.

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