Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Dog Loves Me

Photo provided by Tess for Mag 217

Wordle 158 provided by Brenda Warren for The Sunday Whirl

My Dog Loves Me

One day I'll be gone,
maybe today though you still
care for me, don't you?
You said you would speak
for me, release this beastly
feeling, chew on bones
for me, never cheat.
We've become beading on long
strings and oh I'm good
for nothing much now.

This damn cancer has me cold.

I channel demons
who claim awful dark
lessons are the deepest truths
I will ever find on
this branch of the stream.
But you will never leave me
not in this lifetime.

And I believe you.

‎April ‎27, ‎2014 12:12 PM

Working note. Cancer came from the wordle. I do not have cancer. I do however live on this planet and I have friends and relatives. My dad died of bone cancer and my aunt of lung cancer that went to her brain.

My dad had his second family close around him. My aunt was attended at the last by her youngest daughter and my niece, my sister's child. My niece came out from Montana to help if she could. I was there earlier but had gone home to rest.

I have friends in my larger circle who have encountered the cancer in one or another shape, and one of them is dying for sure, sooner rather than later. A daughter of a friend, a beautiful young lady and mother of her own child beat her leukemia. My friend is gone now and it could easily be argued he gave his life for his daughter. He was certainly willing and he died young and apparently healthy.

This world of ours is remarkable for giving us beauty square in the middle of the pain.


  1. Well recorded piece, and thanks for the backstory It explains a lot.

  2. Christopher, you speak the truth of loss. One day I'll be gone. Thanks for your notes. I lost my late husband to cancer.

  3. I agree with you, Christopher, and appreciate the back story as well. Pain and beauty. Poetry.

    1. Well, joy and humor too. *tentative smile*

    2. I mean, poetry can be joy and humor. I don't think I mean cancer is joy and humor. On the other hand, someone with cancer or around cancer is permitted joy and humor, by God.

  4. Quite moving as a post; well done.

  5. Some friends remain faithful and present - the very best ones. I agree that beauty is often found in the darkest of places

  6. Yes..some friends remain faithful and present - the very best ones..I agree that beauty can often be found in the darkest places..

  7. This is very touching. We are all bedeviled by cancer in one way or another.

  8. Enjoyed the poem and appreciated the added insight.

  9. Well done...and very relieved it doesn't apply to you...

    1. Thank you. I hope it never dioes apply, but I heard that if you don't die of anything else first you are guaranteed prostate cancer eventually if you are male. I suppose I am a fair candidate for that except heart related stuff is already active in me.


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