Friday, March 28, 2014

The Apparition's Regret

Irene Toh wrote:

my heart went up in flames

What did you want me to say?
That we had barely touched.
That I heard a frosty roar
and all that remains becomes
an act of alchemy–grafting
grief which none called for.

That the light has come after
doused fire. My hair aflame.
Amongst the rocks and waves,
two bones, cerebral white.
He wiped my wet calves flecked
with grit. I felt whole again.

I reply:

The Apparition's Regret

That we barely touched
seems odd to me now
and the jet way's roar through glass
was not that constant.
Neither then was I
for you were too hot, all fire
and me shrinking back
from your smoky hair.
I was at a loss that time
though usually
I knew how to treat
my lovers. It's a strange thing
but I flew off. Then
the bottom dropped out
and I smacked surface tension.

‎March ‎28, ‎2014 2:10 PM

By the way, the two bones found in Irene's poem links this post back to "Malaysia Air", my previous poem.

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