Monday, March 31, 2014

Apples In The Light

Irene is a name derived from εἰρήνη—the Greek for "peace". Irene, Irina, Irini, Eirene, Eireni, or Ireen may refer to: Irene

Eirene: Greek goddess, traditionally the goddess of Peace. Also one of the Horae and/or daughter of Poseidon, god of the Waters.

As one of the Horae, Irene presides along with her sisters in one of two different triads of goddesses. Not only of peace, she is also the goddess of wealth. In this triad, the other two goddesses are Dike (Justice) and Eunomia (Order).

Apples In The Light

I'm no messiah!
Talk about purgatory.
I take no leap now
nor did I, I say,
puffing all up about it.

Peace: How can I show
the cotton rose clouds
what lies above my green scene?
Clouds do yearn for us.

Oh you sleek of pelt
and flash of eyes - suns and moons
adorn your twisty
ways with sweet apples,
your far curves with drops of gold
called down from heaven.

‎March ‎29, ‎2014 9:56 PM

Written to Irene's poem, Heaven Is A Beacon


  1. I didn't know she's also goddess of wealth. I'm a greedy queen!

    1. No doubt worthy of all the altars the ancients raised for you, dazzled by the diadems in your crown.


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