Sunday, March 16, 2014

In The House Of Simon - A Magpie Tale

Feast In The House Of Simon
El Greco - 1610
Thanks for posting, Tess K., good prompt. Magpie Tales

Last Supper
(as portrayed by El Greco, 1610)

You have all come as
my calligraphy brought you,
as I requested,
and you have dressed up
for the occasion, I see.
Not much of a spread.
Nobody has loot.
The guy with the purse bugged out.
Someone spiked the wine.
Everything seems
stretched out of joint noodle like
and the news is bad.

‎March ‎16, ‎2014 4:11 PM


  1. Oh yes the news was definitely bad - and the guy with the purse was the one who ran when challenged! Good write!

  2. And the news is bad, I really love this one.

  3. Noodle-like...that works on so many levels...

  4. As a Jehovah's Witness, I must protest! Sure you mean the GOOD NEWS. teehee

    1. I am fairly sure that everything I have ever been taught points to the Carpenter sweating hard to accept his fate. I am sure He was not thinking in categories of good vs bad but His body was averse to what was coming, and His Disciples too would not at all like it. From that point of view, BAD NEWS. It didn't start being Good News for at least three days.

  5. And when the good news came, it took a while to sink in.
    You're right about the feast in the painting--where is it?


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