Sunday, March 30, 2014

Of All The Things

Image offered by Tess for Mag 213

Wordle 154 offered by Brenda for The Sunday Whirl

Of All The Things I've Lost
I Miss My Mind The Most

I am shivering
and hoping I shall soon heal
and the rows of spots
will fade on my root.

It's all been a pack of lies.

That shining razor
was not in my pouch,
not this time, I growl.

You burst
on the scene less one
tooth (I have it here),
your tats exposed, your red shoes
gifted from heaven.

I need a damn plan.

Mending socks, that might be good.
I needs me some socks.
The moths have been in
my drawers and I found one
lying dead in there.
Overfed I guess.

Maybe not.

‎March ‎30, ‎2014 1:55 PM

Written for Tess Kincaid's Magpie Tales
and Brenda Warren's The Sunday Whirl


  1. Powerful poem.
    I love the story behind, View From The Northern Wall.

  2. I curse my brain for being so selective in its memory.

  3. It happens to the very best of us! I think there are a good few marbles knocking around in here though

  4. I like this especially the overfed moth.

  5. The poem is good and the background info is interesting, too.

  6. Well done, are a creative genius...

    1. *blush* well then... I think I will be 75 before my ship might come in and with my luck I will die at 74. Don't get me wrong. That'll be all right.

  7. A fabulous incorporation!

    Red shoes gifted from Heaven.....what a fabulous vision that would be! I get told to go Hell usually, while I'm after new shoes...!!

  8. Very well done.


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