Thursday, March 13, 2014


Saint Christopher

Christopher means "one who bears,carries or supports the Christos" or "he who holds the Christ in his heart".

Here's the top ten baby names for 2012 and access to the Social Security Administration statistics for names in the first thousand rankings back past my birth year of 1945. I did not check to see how far back this goes but it can't go too much further back, probably to 1935 or so.


I hated my name,
I mean the one Mom called me
when I was just three.
"Tops" she would say, or
"Topper", short for Christopher.
As soon as I could
I got her to call me
"Chris" or even "Christopher"
and of course when she
had enough, I was
"Christopher", that's for damn sure.
Now computers call
me "Christophe", but not
only me. All the guys named
the same as me lose
the "r" at the end.

‎March ‎13, ‎2014 8:13 PM

From 1972 through 1995 Christopher was the second most popular (18 times) or third most (6 times) in every year according to Social Security stats for the USA. In 1945 when my mother named me Christopher, it ranked 160. Christopher rose in popularity, dipping slightly only one year on its way to second place where it held sway for a generation. Currently Christopher is ranked 23rd.


  1. Understood, Christopher! I trust you are keeping as well as possible.

    1. Thank you for your concern. I did not do so well this time and the eye procedure revealed a set back. I am put back to right after the first procedure to wait out six months to try this one again. There was badly placed scar tissue I was told. I see less well than I did too, which was not that good, so I have lost some useable retina. I feel less steady in my recovery too - but there is a recovery. I was told at the outset to not expect too much and at present still have more sight than I did before the two operations so far... Still two to go instead of only one to go as I had hoped.


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