Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why I Oughta - A Magpie Tale

Image offered by Tess Kincaid as a writing prompt for this week's Magpie Tale.

Passing Place near Sullom Voe, photo by Steven Kelley, who hails from London, born and raised in Scotland.

Wiki says, Sullom Voe is an inlet between North Mainland and Northmavine on Shetland in Scotland. The word Voe is from the Old Norse vagr and denotes a small bay or narrow creek.

The Voe, the longest in Shetland, and partially sheltered by the island of Yell was used as a military airfield during World War II both by the Royal Air Force and the Norwegian Air Force as a location for flying boats. It is now the location of the Sullom Voe oil terminal, run by BP Oil for a consortium of oil companies.

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Why I Oughta

So I left it all,
peace, tranquility
and everything
graceful, even wise.
I left it right there, Buster,
right there at the sign
which said, "Passing Place"
and I meant to do it too.
I have something hard
I must do. You know.
It's been coming up for me
awhile now, rising
like tar in the sand.
I just have to get it out.
I've been cleaning my
new Smith and Wesson
with a really high grade oil
and a fine mesh cloth.

‎August ‎25, ‎2013 8:26 AM


  1. oh my gosh! You got me! Excellent!

  2. Yikes...I wasn't expecting the ending...thanks for the lovely info on Shetland...

  3. Making the equation of tar rising from sand and violence is certainly fitting. Maybe that tar should just be left to rest and be invited to cause trouble.

  4. nicely done thanks for sharing this

  5. That was an unexpected turn of events... Well done.

  6. I really appreciate the notes you research and present to us .. saves time, quite interesting.

    Lovely writing, as always Christopher.

  7. May it not be a place of no return for you, my friend.

    1. One of my long time friends has a couple stories of this sort he tells from time to time. I borrowed from him.

      I do not now, never have, and do not plan to own any sort of Smith and Wesson or any other type of projectile weapon except the small BB pistol I bought to irritate the jays who were one time mercilessly treating my cats. However, I placed well in marksmanship in the military and understand both pistols and rifles. I do not fear them.

      Years ago I was held up at gun point. I didn't fear that either, except later when I wondered since I was alone, whether I would be believed as the store clerk. I felt vulnerable to the claim that I did the robbery myself and made up the perps. However, I was part of a spree it turned out. That helped.

    2. Be assured that I would kill myself if it was not for knowing, which goes far beyond merely having a strong belief in what I have been taught, that suicide will not end my pain and suffering. In fact, it will actually make it exponentially worse for ever and ever. For I know that what I am having to endure is for our Heavenly Father's glory and my ultimate good, but the pain becomes almost unbearable far too often for my comfort.

      I am glad to hear your attitude toward firearms. Alas, I wish more focus was made upon people like you instead of the NRA bullies.

  8. I always love your notes and your poetry is so evocative...

    cries inside the mind

  9. Thank you all. I have been in training and The Mag is one of the best sites for this. I believe my poetry has improved over time and this one is among the best examples of that improvement. I can only add that the old name for this site is still the best name for what I do here. This is a Magpie Tale. In fact, my next posting reveals the key fact of a Magpie Tale. It is a tale. It should be read as a tale, a small story. It may tell the truth about things or not because the main thing is its self consistency and more or less complete small story. In all other particulars it may be complete fantasy.

    I am not about to say which is really true or not, as I have been completely confessional from time to time on this blog site and when I do that it is up to you guys to decide. :D

  10. With you there Christopher in your message right above....Magpie Tales has certainly helped me with my writing as intense and wonderful write from you once again...:-)

  11. great poetry that tells a story, & leaves me hoping i'm wrong about the seeming certainty of the ending

    1. Well, you could be wrong. What if I am adhd? I might easily veer off after 2.3 days.

  12. I like the story you weave, alluding to a dark, mysterious "stand" at the end. I think it might work better without the word "mean" in the line "I have something mean I must do" I think it would leave it a bit more ambiguous to let the reader to decide. Interesting take on the image.

    1. You would have to replace the word with some other single syllable, not just drop it... Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to change to "hard"


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