Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Naming Game

This poem takes off on a poem entitled "Things" written by Lisel Mueller. I found "Things" on the Whiskey River blog site. Lisel Mueller (born February 8, 1924) is an American poet. She won the U.S. National Book Award in 1981 and the Pulitzer Prize in 1997. Mueller was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1924 and immigrated to America at the age of 15.

The Naming Game

We grew older so
we named many things that they
would be a little
like us, have our eyes,
our tongues, a lip, a long neck
or some such, hoping
each would speak or wink
or something like that one day
and then we could free
our silver back dry
grip on each other and lope
far far far away.

‎August 8, ‎2013 4:39 PM


  1. A needle has an eye.
    Shoes have tongues.
    A gravy boat among other things has a lip.
    Isn't there a long neck beer bottle?

  2. "Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs", (an expression of amazement.)

    And naval lavatories are the 'heads'.


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