Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh Well

The Amber Dragon's Hoard

Check out the work of Phil McDarby, an Irish artist in mixed media. *click here* This photoshop production is a fine example of what an artist can do in attending to details and trusting that the wholeness of things will shine through. Notice on the far right, an ant is taking a berry from the Amber Dragon's hoard.

I came here questing
after the way of all things
as if I could hold
all that all at once.
All, all, all as if that was
a real word about
this world and me lord
instead of the come and go
of things as they are
and me another
bozo and on the short bus
at that. What a chump.

Still, there is something
grand in the persistent hunt
for the dragon's hoard.

‎August ‎16, ‎2013 9:36 AM


  1. Loved Phil McDarby's work, and your response to it.

  2. Actually, Lucy, it was the other way... that I found Phil's work searching for an appropriate illustration for the poem. The source of the poem was a couple quotes I found elsewhere today. I generally post the image first for the visual punch rather than my poetry first no matter how things developed. Some of the time I am posting work from the back of the queue which is now three years old. Much of the time now I am posting freshly written poetry.

  3. Loved what I saw of Phil McDarby's work.

    "I came here questing the way of all things...." Truly, a life's work, and then one has barely begun. Seems to me life is all about beginnings; no matter how far we go, we always seem to arrive at a beginning. But it is in the nature of the "Fool" (or chump) to travel the Way.

    1. When people somewhat rarely show that they actually understand me, I feel I must apologize for it. Not that it is my fault but that we now both share the conundrum that so many more or less successfully avoid. Once you grasp this thing, there is no giving it back... and it comes with monumental responsibility. It is in that very moment that one's sense of humor becomes the saving grace.


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