Monday, August 5, 2013

I Got The News Today, Oh Boy...

I Got The News Today,
Oh Boy...

Glass half full of juice,
bowl of dry cereal spilled,
me curled at table,
a still life of sorts
with the red chair kicked away
spun on both back legs
by the force of it,
all of this leading somewhere
while I stare one eyed.

The print out sits close
just over the table's edge
poised to flutter down.

‎August ‎5, ‎2013 11:04 AM


  1. I'm feeling inadequate to soothe, to comfort, to reassure ... just know I am thinking of you.

    1. Well, I appreciate you. Thank you for your concern. I should say, this is not a personal poem in the sense you seem to have read it. My person is mostly tangled in the pressures of moving and cleaning up behind myself so that I can sell my house. My eye in "real life" is mostly a moderately irritating distraction. I am settled on my course of action depending of course on what happens next concerning my medical stuff. I am getting around fine, except these are the dog days in my area and the heat kills me.

    2. After your post about medication + eyesight issues, I assumed the worst ~ we all know that is dangerous. Hopefully your dog days won't last long.

    3. (0) In some ways it is the worst. I am adjusting to half blindness. When my troubles began I had two heart events two years apart. Two years later, I had this eye leave me. I am wondering what will happen two years from now. I did not freak out at either heart event and did not freak now either.

      After the first heart event I began to gain serious weight and now I am just over the line diabetic too. Lately I have lost eighteen pounds.


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