Sunday, August 11, 2013

Living The Dream - A Magpie Tale

Marcelle Lender Doing The Bolero In Chilperic
Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
Offered by Tess Kincaid as a writing prompt for Mag 181

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Living The Dream

Your drafty garret -
dust in the air sings in light
but causes my nose
to swell, then sneeze
out knots of musty old grit.
Confusion thrown to
the currents - eddys
in all four blood stained corners
testify to work
and more work, struggle
and ever more damn struggle
while on the canvas
oh so slow the dance
begins to appear outside
my eyes, my dry hands
and the heat throbs in
the red cracks that craze my past
while I draw you there.

‎August ‎11, ‎2013 8:01 AM


  1. I wonder how drawing in the past will affect the future... There is grit here; grit, indeed.

  2. the pains it took
    ahhh the suffering artist

  3. A room with four bloodstained corners is a powerful image. Very gritty work.

  4. I would think of this as a bit of a cliche except I have lived it in my way and know several others who have too. There are more than a few artists who struggle with their art or themselves and of whom it is accurate to say "they sweat blood."

    Happily, this is not the only way to be an artist (or musician, etc) and probably not even the best one. I am still practicing more than one of my arts and I no longer am living this sort of life in any way. The kind of struggle I depict here was certainly true in my twenties and of my reaction to it in my thirties and forties. In my fifties, things changed.

  5. While I draw you there...this works on various levels...nice write Chris...made me feel like I have to sneeze too *giggle*

    1. I really did want people to get a feel of hay fever... and I aim at various levels, I guess you could say. Thank you, Tess.


  6. while on the canvas
    oh so slow the dance
    begins to appear outside
    my eyes

    Brilliant take on an artist at work. :)

  7. "...Sneeze out knots of musty old grit..." It would seem that my boogers are really not all that impressive. Sigh.

    1. Well they actually may be impressive if formed during the agony of the struggle to create. If deployed themselves artistically they may become part of a masterpiece!


    2. You are so very encouraging! My wife wouldn't appreciate it, but I do.

    3. It's my job to encourage all art.

  8. you travel feeling with words so well felt


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