Thursday, June 6, 2013

Field Theory - Reprise

I fall in love like this poem expresses it from time to time. It is not only a person. It might be an art form, or a musical piece, or the way the sky looks tonight. When I fall all the way it seems to come out the same way every time. I guess I am okay with that.

Field Theory

I took you from fields,
brought you into my home state,
expected your blooms
and the scent of you
to change my life forever.
That is what happened
but in a surprise
move, you pried my hands free
of their hold on you.
Sailing off on winds
that I could not understand,
you gave me myself.

Written February 27, 2009 2:24 PM
First Posted November 19, 2009

I highly recommend the first posting. There was a pretty good intro essay. Also there was a great discussion of things that took place among friends in the comments after. Just click on the "First Posted" line to go there.


  1. The first time round is certainly well worth reading. Whilst reading that earlier entry I was reminded of a story told by Jack Kornfield about a clay statue of Buddha that had begun to crack. Eventually the crack opened so wide that a curious monk peered inside with a flashlight. "What shone back at him was a flash of brilliant gold! Inside this plain old statue, the temple residents discovered one of the largest and most luminous gold images of Buddha ever created in Southeast Asia."

    1. I feel profoundly complimented. Thank you for that, Tom.


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