Sunday, June 30, 2013

All The Way - A Magpie Tale

Image supplied by Tess Kincaid, produced by Musin Yohan of Indonesia, who often works with an infrared filter as he did here.

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All The Way To The Bottom
Of The Earth

Sometimes I still see
you with such an attitude
as this, stripping red
from view and bloodless
doing work from your backside
as you carry on.
I am sure it is
the right that I do, always
sure no matter what.
I have more photos
of you walking away from me
than any other pose
in my hollow world
framed with wan grain and the hiss
of escaping things.

June 30, 2013 7:33 AM


  1. going away...watching someone just go. lots to identify with. great take on the prompt!

  2. Replies
    1. Well hello there! Been awhile since you've left a trace. I don't get around that much anymore it seems.

  3. The words in the last line ...'hiss of escaping things' is so very powerful and resonating. You write so beautifully.

  4. More photos of you walking away...oh so poignant...and thank you for the lovely poem posted in my comments this week...


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