Sunday, June 23, 2013

Clandestine Knowledge - A Magpie Tale

A frat party ca. 1949 at the University of Michigan taken by Stanley Kubrick for Look Magazine - offered to The Mag Writing Group by Tess Kincaid for this Sunday's Magpie Tale writing prompt.

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Clandestine Knowledge

I've hung in corners
upside down like those bats do
to spy on my girl
when she decides in
this awful moment to flame
out before his long
slick stick and I just
die all wrinkled leathery
wings drooping on down.
I will not let on.
I've promised myself to hold
tight to my secrets.

June 23, 2013 7:15 AM


  1. Oh like a bat...I love that...excellent write, as always, Chris...

  2. I love the bat...wonderful stuff. Thank you.

  3. A new meaning for the term "at bat." :-)

  4. Is it only me that can see all the hidden meanings in this one? LOL Great Mag.

  5. Hope he flies away before more drooping in corners..This is perfect, for me!

  6. Brilliantly sharp and sexy language. Superb.

  7. i agree with jinksy, you have a dirty mind! XD

  8. Love the layers in your poem ... love them!!

  9. Thank you, all. :D

    I guess I was a little bit out there...

  10. .....and hold tight you must!!

  11. You are one sly dog of a poet.



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