Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Remember Making Love

Merganser ducks and seagulls,
Posted by EG CameraGirl at Thursday, October 27, 2011
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EG CameraGirl writes: "East Gwillimbury (I presume where she lives) is a rural town less than an hour north of Toronto, Canada's largest city. My family calls me CameraGirl because I take my camera with me wherever I go."

Relationships are complicated. I had this discussion with some people just today, how no matter how smart it may seem to keep it simple there is no way to do that in a relationship, especially one containing stuff as intimate as making love.

I am not sure how to rate a relationship in which lovemaking has ceased. I know I have one like that and I value it more highly than any other of my current relationships. It took a year to transit the shoals of that leave taking without losing the whole thing. I worked it hard from the spiritual angle and truly did not know if I could do it or accept God's terms on completion.

It is now several years later, and the issues involved in all that are over. There are new things in both our lives to respond to. This poem is not about that relationship except in the faintest of ways. I saw writing posted on a blog of a dear friend I met in forming my blog world and I am responding to that piece in this writing here. But this poem is not really about that piece of writing either.

I like to think that many of my poems might talk about how I relate to God. I am sure that any relationship with God as I understand Him must contain the deeply human, no, check that, the insides of sentient life as it happens on this planet. If I cannot be myself among the rest of you all, humans, cats, ducks and the rest, then the relationship I may have with God is of little value. In some small way this poem may be about that as well.

Talk about complicated.

I Remember Making Love

The lake is still there.
Of course you know it is, love,
and I am still here
among the rushes
at lake's side. It's breaking dawn.
There are ducks in pairs
as we once were paired
beneath the silvered surface
and the ducks, serene
as they seem above
the edge of things, feather smooth,
unless you look down
and see the little
duck feet churning and churning
until they hit mud.

April 23, 2013 11:10 AM


  1. i begin to see that all love is a conversation with god, or loving is godding, or something such as this, all the while not knowing how to define god, and rather glad for my lack of understanding.


    1. Yes, I agree. All love is a conversation with God. Or you might say, how to invoke God is to love. What changes? Your relationship with God begins to express itself somewhere in the world as joy. To add holy joy to the world you acknowledge that God is present with you and your lover whoever or whatever "lover" signifies. However, since the holy joy appears somewhere it is difficult to say it is your joy and it may emanate from someone else. There are many who love clearly enough that this happens. The joy nearby is probably an offspring of someone else's love. Humility is essential.


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