Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Where We Stand

Where We Stand

I stand in the green
spongy mass of growing things
near the falls. The ledge
on which I stand lies
north of my care and my hope
for you and for your
lenses, for the gift
that brought you here, then gave me
leave to follow you.

That you should show me
a vision is natural
to the shape of things
as they are these days.
The osprey flies far above
calling to us both.

July 12, 2010 9:11 AM

This doesn't have much to do with Christmas. My life doesn't either. I did have a Christmas dinner I attended, put on by a local AA group. We tend put on a pretty good pot luck spread. That's about my speed. There aren't many people left in my family. This is the nature of aging, what it does. The year 2001 pretty well stripped me clean, while the tumble cycle of the nineties took my expectations and flushed them with the rinse. I am now grateful that understanding my destiny is not a requirement. I presume I am on track but really I have no idea.

At year's end, I am still puzzling over the same conundrums I was at this time last year. Where we stand - in enigma.

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  1. all the work and we do and we don't seem to move far. being human must be a point stitched rather close to the fabric of being. perhaps we can't move all that far. but sometimes even turning around, shifting perspective, feet in the same place but surveying the world with fresh eyes means all the difference.

    much love to you over this holiday season, christopher. i have mostly been away from the computer...in indiana...lost phones and internet for a while...children pulling me to new games and old home videos on the couch...but you've not been far from my thoughts.



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