Friday, December 7, 2012

Sea Stars and Hustler - A Reprise

I believe quite deeply in serendipity. My experiences of serendipity are actually a little tarnished but definitely are key moments in the way my life works. I feel that my life path has had little to do with any plans I ever made. Instead there are these "long shots" that change everything. I claim that I tend to have "sloppy good luck". It is good luck because things turn out so well. It is sloppy because I often pay a price, so I cannot claim to "get away clean".

Sea Stars

I'm a lucky man.
Life won't give me more than that.
I want smart, brave, strong.
But I get lucky,

The stars fell into the sea
And came up river.

I was on the bank
At the right time to catch one
And I've brought it home.

December 6, 2008 8:29 AM

But on the other hand:


I am sliced and diced
In the sun, coming apart
At the seams. My heart
Is open just this way
And the sun comes into me
Through these openings.

I am filled with light,
A flood of beams brighten me.
I stand here aglow.
If I could make sense
Of that, of how the sun is
Inside of me now,

I could freakin make a million!

December 6, 2008 8:54 AM

Two poems written quite close together and they illumine this luck thing from two directions, not quite the same. I took a look at the original post and could not see how to separate the poems. Catching a star that fell into the sea and came up river is not the same as being sliced and diced in the sun. That sounds like it hurts. The sun is of course yet another star, a day star.

The two poems were originally published with different discussion on March 9, 2009.


  1. The candle...both ends. I find the same dilemna with many things, such as infliction v inflicting. Not quite the same, but I think the Zebra has it right. No matter which end is lit, the wax is stress and tension. Tension creates energy which creates movement. We are then, so alive.

  2. "The stars fell into the sea
    And came up river."

    what an incredibly beautiful line, christopher, demonstrating the power of transformation and mystery)))

    the luck must be contagious. it is all luck. it is a freaken miracle that i have a dot of consciousness to have any experience of all this luck.


  3. Who I Really Am

    I'm a colony
    assigned to the master bugs
    who live in comfort
    in my belly fat.
    They hang out near my navel
    wondering how to
    get reassigned soon
    to some more suitable post
    than the backwater
    that I've become. Sigh.

    11:46 AM


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