Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Gnome's Declaration

What would you do for love? I know what I have done.

The Gnome's Declaration

I would walk on air,
on water for the one chance
that you would arise
from your dim damp dream
and cease your yawns and mumbles
bound in twisted strings
of thin pain, thin pain.

I would not mind appearing
completely stupid
adrift above ground,
me who mole like lives below,
under the litter
beneath the dead woods
if it would serve you, my love,
if I could change things.

July 5, 2010 3:26 PM


  1. if I could change things...

    Ahhhhh, my friend, that is the apex of all consideration, that we have such power.

  2. to give all for love despite the ego, in fact in making the ego small whether for lover or children, family or friends, or god (god being all) - this is the underlining work of life, isn't it?

    this poem has become very special to me:

    It Happens All The Time by Hafiz

    It happens all the time in heaven,
    And some day
    It will begin to happen
    Again on earth -
    That men and women who are married,
    And men and men who are
    And women and women
    Who give each other
    Often will get down on their knees
    And while so tenderly
    Holding their lover's hand,
    With tears in their eyes,
    Will sincerely speak, saying,
    'My dear,
    How can I be more loving to you;
    How can I be more


    1. (0)

      How Can I Be More Kind

      On my knees, I ask
      and you bend down to whisper
      in my ear, the warmth
      of your breath quickens
      that of me can hear your song.

      Then I look high up
      in the clean branches
      of this winter's birch, looking
      for the last and best
      of us, ornamental scrolls
      announcing our joy.

      1:10 PM


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