Monday, December 3, 2012

The Magician's Intent

Whatever...there is something to the laying on of hands, and as some advanced massage therapists assert, there is something to making passes near but not touching a person. A discipline of this nature informs Reiki. The use of the hands to approach and enter the energetic fields near someone was seriously accepted by the early hypnotists, but of course they were passing on the shamanic legacy of the old ways. Without some care and persistence we may lose all this. The yearning for this lore is further from the mainstream now than it was when I was young, not that long ago. Or is that only me? Heh.

The Magician's Intent

I shall reach behind
your heart, behind your presence
in my dream of you.

I shall lift you out.

When you stand thus before me
I shall run my hands
just beyond your self
and touch the ruby red light
in the rainbow that
surrounds your sweet face
and I shall awaken your
hope with my kindness.

June 25, 2010 3:44 PM


  1. it addresses the magic between spirit and body, i think; addresses our connectedness. i think perhaps it might frighten people though who want the false security of the body as an anchor. maybe this is why we shun it now societally; we are too busy building myths of security.


    1. Erin, it matters who you associate with in these matters. If you were to insist on finding like minded people you might have to relocate to do it but groups who are intent on touching souls and auras (depending on the dream) do exist and are reasonably common in larger cities or in enclaves of believers. The trouble for you might come in the rest of what they believe because these things usually are part of a larger package of commitment. The bottom picture is a Christian healing. Practitioners of Reiki on the other hand are quite often Eastern in other ways.

      My own practice has been completely involved in the kind of massage that I like to do and has not followed any school. I rarely interact with others but I know they are out there.

      I think you are right on the anxiety. I say it like this. Sometimes people feel their privacy is violated if you can touch them inside without touching them at their boundaries. They wish to control that kind of touch once it goes past and inside the skin and giving permission is not always possible for such people. If you don't bring it up they often do not mind, I have noticed, but if you make a point of it then everything shuts down.

      I believe that sense of privacy, of a sacred boundary to self, is illusory but still important. I think it is what you are referring to as security. It is not easy to see how we can do anything at all without a sense of permanent self. I believe that illusion is so important that it is the very last thing to end for us if there ever is an end.


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