Friday, November 23, 2012

The Winds Get In - Reprise

Probably the most important work I have now is the readying of my soul. I have long been committed to the Hindu notion of the soul's passage on the planet, first to become a human, then to perform as best one can as a human, then to withdraw gracefully, looking beyond human. This is best not because the spiritual stories told in support are true but because the rhythm of soul that comes of them is true. Some of the best of human in our presence on the planet comes from this kind of thing. Also some of the worst.

The Winds Get In

I sat at your fire,
Watched you lay out your palette
Of fine colored sands.
I watched as you drew
The designs you learned from him,
From the holy man.
I saw them take shape,
Amazing true shapes in sand,
In my old gray eyes.

My story is told in sand.
The flaps of this tent shiver.
The winds outside stir, get in.

Written November 29, 2008
First published March 1, 2009

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